I Want Light

Posted: January 25, 2010 in Tenderly

Do we always know what is best for us? Caught in circumstances we usually beg our way out. In fact, often we usually ask for new circumstances. Faced with a health problem, we might pray that the Lord remove the symptoms that were obvious. The truth is, none of us know what the underlying problem really is and we should play doctor by asking for the symptom to be removed when in truth we need to be healthy. Pray for good health and leave the rest to the almighty. For He alone can know.


I Want Light


It was pitch black in the room


Walls were obstacles and I stepped on a broom

And bang! It hit me on the forehead

Nothing was visible so I screamed I want light instead

There was no end to my screams, I screamed out loud


Like a babe needing milk or a dad at his son game feeling proud

I scream until I finally got my way

Got the lights put on only I screamed in pain that I may

Have them put out again and fast, it was too bright

The darkness was never painful so never do I want light



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