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Hold On I’m Coming

Posted: April 30, 2010 in Tenderly

Who say women will never be better Rodeo riders than men didn’t see the victory performance of this relatively petite champion. She reached the competition only to the chest but said height didn’t matter and she was right. She stayed on so long the horse was worn out.

Hold On I’m Coming

How she straddled and rode, there was hardly a doubt

Our little gem could ride any stallion about 

Left she tossed and then to the right

Down, up, back and forth, holding tight

Over and over the stallion answered with no repeal 

None before had straddle him with such artistic appeal

It is time, he seemed to say, I had enough

Make her stop, this ride is getting too rough

Can’t give in, she said to the old stallion

One hand clasped his chest, her nails dug in and it begun

More humping and groaning but he was hopeless

It was a battle well fought but she was best

Now she smiled triumphantly as they started the drumming

Girl rode a victory lap and shouted Hold on I’m coming

Our Beautiful Barbados

Posted: April 30, 2010 in Radio Talk Shows

The radio hosts were sharing their experiences and it begs the question “How beautiful is Barbados?” Some of the things this team had to say were simple memories that I shared. These things had been going on for years and we are able to change so much in this country yet we can’t curtail littering.

Our Beautiful Barbados

One walk from the Bus Stand can make known

Unsightly images created by things we had thrown

Refuge discarded indiscriminately

Bridge covered in nut shells tossed deliberately

Early on mornings the streets can reek

A walk through the city no longer bears the beauty we seek

Ugly sights of the once beautiful bougainvillea tree

Trashed with disposable cups and other debris

It was a so disgusting to see one day

From a Range Rover window along his way

Used diaper thrown into the street where it dropped

Landed very visibly so the caring driver stopped

Bajans he thought can’t create such eye soars

And he drove to their destination and said “this is yours!”

Recalled later too the missing Stop Signs

Barely noticeable on the walls of a home beyond opened blinds

And a further insult to injury, people in dey wuk!

Dumping through the window of their Sanitation truck

O “Beautiful, beautiful Barbados, gem of the Caribbean sea”

Stop all this defacing and dumping indiscriminately!.

I Came From The Back

Posted: April 30, 2010 in Tenderly

If you sneak in from the back then you are not governed by the same rights that protect true patrons that paid and entered from the front. And if you consume your alcohol and land in a drunken stupor then you fend for yourself. So how ever the excitement, remember to operate within the ambits of the law. Do things the right way.

I Came From The Back

It was a wet, dark night

Called and knocked until I saw a light

And the slippery steps to the doorway

More carefully I entered but with no delay

Every time I came by I was torn between

For me it was like no place I ‘d ever been

Really exciting but should I stay or should I go

Once I was a few inches beyond the door I would know

My entrance had already announced I was there

Then soon excitement was every where

How I was loved and welcome in

Every time I felt like staying

But I knew I couldn’t the excitement was too great

And I was humped over from the dancing and it felt to late

Cause I lost my insides and just quickly, smack

Kiss help goodbye because I came from the back

She Laid There

Posted: April 30, 2010 in Love

A dream to wake up and to turn and find a love one there, just looking at you with a smile on their face as if all was well with the world. This brings two forms of peaceful excitement and serenity. The smile offer a promise of love and a promise of peace

She Laid There

Smiling there as he opened his eyes

Her long hair the only body disguise

Embrace me, her heart started to whisper

Louder then it got even louder

Arms outstretched he took her in

Into a peaceful comforting

Don’t let me go she whispered again

Then from her loving he could no longer abstain

How great to have awaken with her there

Excitement he’d known but none could compare

Romance finally to return from its hiatus sleep

Ecstasy can now come from its hideout down deep

One Hand Can Clap

Posted: April 30, 2010 in Tenderly

We come through life hearing things from our elders that are founded on years of wisdom and past from generation to generation. But in the same way good experiences pass through the years bad ones do too. When we believe that what we are doing is right and we teach our kids the same we may disseminate misdirection

One Hand Can Clap

Our grandmother said it takes two

No matter what you thought you knew

Each time you tango, quarrel or clap but that’s not true

How can this be

Another’s ideas disagree

Never could some one so wise

Do this harm and truth disguise

Could it be that she didn’t know

A quarrel yes and certainly a tango

Never true for clapping though

Clash a hand against a knee

Let your hand beat your chest repeatedly

And either way you’ll clap so you’ll show

People your approval and they’ll always know

Long Hair Gone

Posted: April 30, 2010 in Tenderly

She asked me and I said NEVER! Yet how many women cut their beautiful hair believing it was the best decision only to find themselves at the hair shop choosing a weave that might suit them. I understand the need sometimes to cut your hair, but when it is only for style, think again

Long Hair Gone

Lots of women nowadays

Opt to style their hair in many ways

Natural hair and length though are not

Given the praise which they really ought

How many cut it off only to wear

A long weave instead of their beautiful hair

I wish that women would avoid cutting it off

Resist peer pressure and being scoff

Gorgeous is the woman whose hair covers her breast

Or tickles her back with its gentle caress

Numerous times a woman follows her desire and chops

Every strand of hair that’s long until beauty drops

A Hand In The Dark

Posted: April 28, 2010 in Tenderly

When I think of the domestic violence and the other forms of violence that hands do, it is hard to believe that these same hands can do so many other things that are good. I know of doctors who betray the trust of patients and assault them. I know of family friends and unfortunately family members who have use their hand to bring pain to the vulnerable. It hurts me deeply to know of the pain that dark hands cause

A Hand In The Dark

A helping hand from a friend

Hands that applaud when presentations end

A gift delivered with a generous hand

No malady between us so we shake to understand

Dangers ahead so a hand is held erect

I see hands gesture to signal when people forget

No more thank you and hands politely say no

Traffic cops use their hands to tell us come or go

Hands can caress and the finger tips detect

Every fold, orifice, things dry, things wet

Don’t have two to clap, well pat your chest

And all will know your support is like all the rest

Regardless to all the good, hands can do evils too

Keep your hands from causing pain from what they do

Sarah Ann Gill

Posted: April 28, 2010 in Events and Premieres

National Hero Sarah Ann Gill played the vital role of establishing the Methodist church here in Barbados. She was persecute and prosecuted. What little history is known is documented and repeated by all the usual sources. I want to celebrate her life with this short acrostic poem. The first church I attended was the place of my dad’s Sunday School and now I learn a church established by Sarah Ann Gill. This National Hero was born on Feb 16, 1795 and died to Feb 25, 1866.

Sarah Ann Gill

Some people in their stringent defiance to secure

A place in society for our rights and more

Receive our accolades now but back then

All was horrendous and often life threatening   

Heroic deeds are those that in the face of adversity

Are battled with devotion and persistency

No matter what the local authorities did to Sarah Ann Gill

Nothing prevented her from following God’s will

Getting persecuted, prosecuted, life threats and burnt in effigy

In their attempts to make certain Methodism can never be.

Lets acknowledge this heroine who braved the hostile past

Liberated Methodism and pioneered that religious freedom be passed   

Anything I Will Grant

Posted: April 28, 2010 in Ossie Moore Jokes

Maybe it is not fair to make all these jokes into Ossie Moore jokes but I would have to consult the writers. It seems that Ossie was used in the old days to be the character of all jokes. In that way they were able to personify and make them more acceptable. I know that this could not have been our Ossie Moore out of St. Peter

Anything I Will Grant

A long time ago from a distant land

Navigating the seas was deadly for man

You would have never liked it back then

Traveling across the seas was feared by all men

He was given one wish so Ossie thought if he

Invited the hand of the wizard to solve this difficulty

No troubles would he have if the wizard could make

Great pathways across the seas to ambulate

Island to island or drive a car 

With this bridge connecting them no one would be too far

It is a difficult wish the wizard said with all its specs

Like tidal changes, sea spray and the hurricanes the island gets

Look the wizard said there  must be something  else I can do

Got no need for riches or power? I can give these all to you

Remembering the problems he had understanding women

And never being able to satisfy them or make any a friend

Now yes! Ossie said anxiously, teach me the mystery of a woman’s mind

Tell me again young chap, a bridge, where and what kind?

Night Of Crime

Posted: April 28, 2010 in Ossie Moore Jokes

The setting here is Ossie Moore showing up in a place where was going to rob it. I think some where along the line he might have had second thoughts when he heard that Jesus was watching him. The thing is that this truth is not acknowledged by other thieves, if they would hear then they too might change their minds.

Night Of Crime

Now the targeted house was dark and he could barely see

It was a terrifying voice ghastly, squeaky  

Got the greatest startle with what he heard

He still remembers hearing every word

The voice had said “Jesus is watching you!”

One double check over his shoulder and then he knew

Flightless parrot repeated and Ossie cried how do you dare!

Call to me like that, have you no fear?

Risking your life you little winged creature, who are you

I am Moses, the parrot said and Ossie’s laughed at that too

Moses! Who wah name a parrot? Moses interrupted “it gets wus”

Eff I was you I would asked who named dah Rottweiler Jesus!