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My Love’s Lover

Posted: May 31, 2010 in Love

When I worked I had the worst mistress anyone could ever had, I married the job. I was relentless and she was unforgiving of any slips. I was day night and day and spent very little time away from her. There was no recreation and when I thought I was losing interest, she always had a way of making me feel like I was needed and couldn’t go. I could not break away from the hold but now I have.

My Love’s Lover

May be if her lover had a name

Yuri, Fabian or Tony it wouldn’t be the same

Love keeps running back for more

One more day, another month for encore

Vivacious she is and they all will try

Earning her loyalty and soon my

Significance will dwindle like a fading light

Life once brilliant and successful might

One day become a flickering flame

Victor, Michael, Stefan if only her lover had a name

Everything would be so different because then I would know

Relationship was stumped by a man, not the job’s blow

Everything I Do Is Wrong

Posted: May 31, 2010 in Tenderly

You can never please all of the people all of the time, but wouldn’t it be great to be able to please the special few. Even they seem to be unhappy with you. If what you are doing is so right then why can’t you find someone who loves you for you and is happy with all the small quirks that you may have. Surely they are by comparison small drops in the oceans of iniquity, if they can be judged as an evil in any way.

Everything I Do Is Wrong

Eating breadfruits mashed, baked or in fries

Viewing TV until sleepy eyes

Every opportunity chatting with a friend

Reading messages with no obvious end

Yelling across the street to say hello

Turning on and listening to my favorite call in Radio

Honesty my only way although many don’t care

If the pleasing things are the things they only hear

Never smoked, got drunk, use illegal drugs or curse

Got no vices, disgusting habits or anything worse

I don’t go to any form of racing, I don’t agree

Doing something so life threatening should ever be

Our way of entertainment but to each his own

I’d rather distant myself from danger thrills and be alone

So with all I do to try to be me

Why do people seem always to disagree

Reproving my way like I walk in darkness

Or like my way is evil and theirs is best

No matter what I do, with some we’ll never get along

Got some people that say Everything I Do Is Wrong

What If He Doesn’t Wait

Posted: May 31, 2010 in Love

.There poets usually make love seem so much like it can be put on hold until the moment is right. Love set free will return if it is true and so many other tales. The truth is that love once set free is force to find new comfort and may never be happy again.

What If He Doesn’t Wait

When you meet the man of your dreams

He will have all the attributes and be what he seems

And no one else will ever compare

Take that plunge to trust and care

Intensely and don’t let him go

Fools set free the only true love they will ever know

He will have faults, all men do

Embrace him still for beyond is a love that’s true

Don’t let trivialities get in your way

Or the thoughts of others and what they say

Earnest is his love and you’ll see when

Sharing private moments, he’s not like other men

No other as kind, loving, caring and sincere too

There’s no other that makes you as secure, that loves as true

When you meet that man and you question why

All seem so right still the relationship you deny

It’s best you decide before it’s too late

That man you question, What If He Doesn’t Wait.

The Explosion

Posted: May 30, 2010 in Love

Today was a long Saturday and with here not around all day it felt longer. But, there is always the imagination. Play with all kinds of stories and because it is so close to Memorial Day, explosions come to mind. But do you realize that people may explode without dynamite or pyrotechnics of any sort. Joy is explosive and so too can be anguish

The Explosion

The house was filling up with its colorless gas

Had no odor either but soon alas

Every room was hot from the building heat

Extinguishing was impossible and she left her seat

Xtemely overheated laying in the bed room there

Pulled her blouse off and laid in a smile and underwear

Laid there craving a hose would come and smother

Out this burning heat that felt like none other

She must have hallucinated, before you could tell

It was not so hot like a burning hell

Once she got quench from inside out

No more heat but explosive satisfaction ending in a shout

I praise God for everything in my life even the things that turned out different to how I had been expecting, for God in his wisdom is the ultimate judge for my path.

I pray that God in His divinity will bless my friends with good health but at this particular time have a even more watchful eye and healing hand on my good old friend David Thompson

Get Well Soon Old Friend

God knows I pray each day

Every one of my friends will be okay

That life’s dangers pass them by

Without stopping and its venom apply

Everyone is special and when I kneel

Lord knows the sentiments for all I feel

Lift them up I ask if they should fall

Send help whenever you hear them call

On the Lord I trust that He will be

Omnipresent to touch each heart, mind, soul and body

No one left out from His divine care

Omnipotence to protect my friends everywhere

Life though may have turns that we don’t expect

Days of uncertainties and nights regret

Faith is essential to get us on our way

Remembering always to kneel and pray

Illness may befall you and have you feeling all wrong

Even though the body may weaken if the spirit remains strong

Nothing can overcome you although you feel ill

Dear friend, I pray your getting well soon be God’s Divine will

My Sweetheart

Posted: May 27, 2010 in Living With

There is sadness whenever I break the news to someone for the first time. I wish I never had to because most of the time they expectation are so unlike mine. I have been “Wedded” to My Sweetheart, of sorts, but we make bad

My Sweetheart

Multiple Sclerosis is like a cruel lover

Your body is hers and she treats it like no other

She manifests herself very blatantly

With uniqueness in all with whom she chooses to be

Electrical nerve impulses disrupted all about

Essentially damaging any of millions then functionality goes out

Typically her lovers are immobile or cannot see

Her embracing hold though is sometimes temporary

Every day can be a challenge but learn this

Although possessive you’re not obliged to Multiple Sclerosis

Reach in deep beyond muscle, nerve and tissue

Therein lies your soul which can control whatever you do







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Please don’t misunderstand this to be indifference. Before you can take this recommendation know this, a pure heart is required. Feed your spiritual self and trust in the Lord. As in

Proverbs 29:25
The fear of man bringeth a snare: but whoso putteth his trust in the LORD shall be safe

Relax Let It Happen

Rest my friend, it’s meant to be

Exciting in time but first there’s agony

Let your heart guide you to do what’s right

And obey its instructions without a fight

‘Xamine these other crossroads in life

Like the moment he asked you to be his wife

Ecstasy that was preceded with surging agony 

The painful entrance of your first baby

In all this, pain brought you happiness

The pain came first with agony and distress

How easily you may have wondered to a safer place

And bid adieu to your tormenter face

Promises of happiness with always prevail

Positive thinking guarantees you will never fail

Even when faced with stares and scoffs and eminent despair  

No matter what the pain, Relax and let it happen dear


Posted: May 26, 2010 in Facebook

I just caught this joke, compliments of my friend from facebook and wanted to put this twist on it. This is something I always thought of and I am sure it affects certain ethnic groups more than others. I remember asking why water skiing was more suited for some and I learn then it was all about core balance. 


Freely given by Nature one day

Like buoys they pop up and float the same way

Once I get in I’m sure to stay on top

And have little fear of deflation or that they’ll soon flop

There is still one concern though for me

I like my floaties but I wish they wouldn’t be

Every time turning me over face down

Should have been in front so there is little chance I drown


Posted: May 26, 2010 in Best Wishes

I haven’t seen her in a while but what I remember when I used to see her was her free smiles and hearty laughs. From what I have heard they just gotten better. But what can you expect from a name like hers. Have a Happy Birthday Gaynelle and many, many more.


Girl I got news for you

All this talk ‘bout aging is bare boo

You look the same since we first met

Not a visible change and I’ll bet

Everything within is just the same

Light glows from your eyes so friend I proclaim

Life just gets better when your attitude is Gay

Enjoy this beautiful day and have a Happy Birthday!

Please see your card here

How Long Can A Day Be

Posted: May 25, 2010 in Love

When you get so used to doing something every day then the moment you are unable to follow you routine you feel like all is lost. I know of people who describe missing people like a kind of death.

How Long Can A Day Be

Hours go by so slowly

One by one bringing agony

Why does time seem to drain

Life’s merriment again

Onerous minutes tick by

No comfort since the last good-bye

Got no more smiles on reserve

Can’t ask for help, can’t get the nerve

And now my heart pounds its beats

Not like before, with irregular repeats

And then it fades away

Didn’t feel the last beat today

All I remember is laying there

Yet I see nothing and nothing I hear

Beats are gone and all else too

Everything goes in a day without you