I Am Wishing For You To Come

Posted: August 20, 2010 in Love

When you walk through the food court in the Mall, the folk if they are not very busy, sometimes offer samples of what you might buy. It is possible to read the menu but there is nothing like a sample. The trouble with sampling too many dishes only leads to difficulty deciding. When all of the samples have something special that you just can’t forget them, the choice becomes impossible. The same is true for love. Until you are able to commit, all of the flowers out there seem to offer something special. Best you not expose yourself to the choices but rather decide that what you have is great. There will always be things that distract your attention

I Am Wishing For You To Come

I closed my eyes and I saw you

And when I opened them it’s just like I knew

My eyes see what’s in my heart but you are not here

Wishing and wishing but you never appear

I closed my eyes again but this time to pray

Send her Father if only for a day

How incredible, so unbelievable but when I opened my eyes

It was the most beautiful surprise

Not long, just passing one night only to spend

Got commitments bidding to return until the end


For now we can spend precious time together

One night holding, just cuddling each other

Rain had fallen and I cried that day


Yesterday was the same but today I knelt to pray

One day, please Lord to hold my love again

Until sunrise the next morning and there’ll be no more rain


Then love said tomorrow I must go

One more day without you is torture I know


Can you please save the celebrations until that day when

Our hearts are forever together and then

My departure tomorrow wouldn’t hurt as before

Embrace me now but soon we’ll celebrate forevermore

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