She Was Next, Without Warning

Posted: August 23, 2010 in In Memory of Shexwarln

Today I celebrate the birthday of my beloved. It was on this day that she was brought into this world and on that date that my world was destined to be different. When I got ill I knew that I was going to lose the evenings and nights we spent together. I knew the morning saying bye and the zealous hello would be gone, for quite some time.

She Was Next, Without Warning

Sad how she passed away

Heart broke when I was ill that day

Eyes met mind and she questioned why

We were separated so long and I never said bye

An emergency got me admitted back then

She never knew why I didn‘t return, didn’t know when

Nothing but sorrow for the 3 weeks I stayed

Encephalomyelitis was first diagnosed and my family prayed

X-rays and MRIs, CAT scans and a litany more

Tested me for weeks and months before

We were able to diagnose the dreaded MS

I was taken back by the results of their tests

Then I was moved by the presence of life

How important to be fulfilled with a husband or wife

Only I was married to my 9 to 5, actually early morning ‘til night

Unable now to work I was divorced during my convalescing fight

The things that truly mattered were obvious to me

Work was not as important as the love of a family

And the friendships we amass over the years

Relationships that last beyond life’s despairs

Now, how ever tragic I was, she was critical too

In the Vets hands she was delivered and I never said adieu

Never expected she would be gone for more than a day

Got shocked when I learned that my best friend had passed away

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