Psalms One Hundred and One

Posted: August 25, 2010 in Daily Verses, Devotions, Religious

What an experience, the disgust. He came into the store in his palatable façade in the company of a young lady who was obviously a play mate. As they walked around the shop entertaining each other with lustful petting, he found the time to secretly flirt with one of the girls behind the counter. In fact, as he embraced his play mate, he looked over her shoulder and scour the attendant from head to toes with hopes of having her return some attention. It was his intention to find an attendant who showed interest today and subsequently return to her when he is alone. And one day his bait will catch. My friend examine Psalm 101

Psalms One Hundred and One

Praise will I sing of your judgment and mercy

Sing to you Lord and behave perfectly and wisely

And when will thou Lord be here

Lord I’ll walk in my perfect house until you draw near

Mine eyes shall stray from all wickedness

Shall not cleave to the men I hate, the faithless

Obstinate hearts shall from me depart

No wicked person or evils with me can start

Everyone that slanders their neighbor privately

Him will I cut off from me

Uncouth people with proud hearts and haughty eyes

Never should I endure their devious guise

Dwelling with me shall be the faithful of the land

Righteous men shall my way command

Evil doers and those who practice deceit

Dwell not in my house or in my house meet

And he that telleth lies

Neither shall he tarry in my eyes

Destroying early in the morning, shall I the wicked of the land

Obliterate all evildoers by the might of His hand

No more shall they walk with devious accord

Evildoers shall I cut off from the city of the Lord

Psalms 101

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