September To Remember Music

Posted: September 15, 2010 in Radio Talk Shows, Tributes

The morning show was giving all the songs that brought cheerful sunlight and the rays of hope and then a low, the lost of the Arrow. This news was announced and immediately the host shifted to all about this great entertainer. I dance very often to his music, seldom refusing and that the bands played. The Mighty Arrow will be sadly missed but his existing music will live on.


September To Remember Music


Shush, they are playing music for us

Earlier they had Stevie but I heard from The Age of Aquarius

Proper song, one I could never sing

Then the host played Let The Sunshine In

Every song following had sunshine in their themes

More spreading of God’s rays of Golden beams

Bright sunlight to spotlight the things we see

Each of God’s creations and the starlight spangles through
the tree

Radio is great it cast memories through sound


The host spins the music and we conjure the rebound

Our imagination can take us where ever we need


Reaching our heart strings to with an emotional stampede

Emotions of memories when sunshine warmed your face

Memories too of sunshine which could displace

Every dark cloud that lurked to turn blue skies gray

Music spun of Sunshine on my Shoulders and then my day

Brightened like nothing can happen once I used my mind

Enjoy Seasons in the Sun, the beautiful sunshine

Regrets then played that the Arrow had fallen


Many were touched by his music and will be sadden

Unable to see the delight of sunshine, remorse only

Sadness complemented with tears from the clouds. lightly

It is hard when we receive the news but joy will come from

Celebrate this life lived, September we’ll Remember the music
of Arrow




  1. Wow!, this was a real quality post. In theory I’d like to write like this too – taking time and real effort to make a good article… but what can I say… I keep putting it off and never seem to get something done.

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