Feliz Cumpleaños Mi Ami!

Posted: October 21, 2010 in Best Wishes

The year
have crept up but not piled on. My friend is first to admit to her maturity and
to sing the pride of family with her two sons and husband. But when it all
boils down to it, seeing her is like seeing someone half her age. She is a live
wire with no end to a day. I am glad I know my friend and home she has many, many years of good health.


¡Feliz Cumpleaños Mi Ami!


Fifty, is
it? Could that be true?

Even if
you still look like the gal I once knew

Like you
can run with spirit the 100 metres dash

procedures and be done in a flash

still, with that spring in your feet


thoughts and each idea complete

Used to be
that time grabbed hold at this age

people slowed and turned a new page

retired or got tired, one of these

showed them a blockage, “No through traffic please!”

would pack up and prepare to depart

And this
age, people used to prepare to restart

Now, I
don’t know, you seem to be going on 25

Out doing
those 20 years younger with lots of drive

Sharing a
joke with others, still full of wit


My mind
may have deceived me but aren’t you unusually fit

I wanted
to celebrate today but it seems wrong some how


A person
so young at 50, and so bubbly now

May have
stopped aging, surging through life’s freeway

I wanted
to wish you today a Happy Birthday!



A Special Card for you



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    Bajan Poetry Society: Feliz Cumpleaños Mi Ami!

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