He’s Gone Too Soon

Posted: October 23, 2010 in Tributes

I’ll saygood-bye to my dear friend with the expectation that one day again we will meetin a place where there is no further pain or sorrow. We all have a role to playwhile we are here and from a very young age my friend contributed more thatmost people decades older. He has left and incredible legacy and I was alwaysglad to be a part of his life.


He’s Gone Too Soon


Honorable David J H Thompson, the Prime Minister of Barbados

Expired peacefully and is no longer with us

Suffers no more with arduous pain


Gone Too Soon but his legacy will remain

Our Prime Minister was foremost a family man and friend

Never gave up his will to help others through to the end

Endured in faith and led us responsibly


Took time for all Bajans and especially

Our Prime Minister ruled among us, walked where we would

Over the lengths and breadths of each neighborhood


Showed us to treat each other like one big family

One nation of Love and Unity

Oh how it hurts that this great servant of the people is gone

Now we mourn He’s Gone Too Soon but his legacy will live on


A Sympathy Card




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    Bajan Poetry Society: He’s Gone Too Soon

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