The One The Leader Our Friend

Posted: October 28, 2010 in Facebook, Tributes

Thanks to Kim from facebook I was moved to write again about our Prime Minister, The One, The leader, Our friend. I will be first to apologize if my writing becomes repetitious but I am feeling the same remorse and the tears do not change nor does he. My words flow like tear drops and wet the page to form the acrostic poems.


The One The Leader Our Friend


country mourns I feel its pain

David Thompson shall never smile again

Every one
in my home is sorrowful and cries


Openly, we
never had chance to say our good-byes

Never took
the time to remind him that we feel

bless because he was at the wheel


This ship
was sinking but he was plugging the holes

He mended so
much in two years when he assumed his roles

serving the people and always he


away the trivial and focused on duty

those around him to do the same

Always he
lead to help and not for glory and fame

stray from his promises but may practically delay

until he thought we had reached a more suitable day

our Prime Minister I close my eyes and see


special leader with astute ability

design and unmatched protocol

our Prime Minister I admire his recall


Friend to
all and would turn away none

Rose to
each challenge and worked until it was done

I was privileged
to call the Prime Minister my buddy

Ever since
our Alma Mater and we continued faithfully

Nothing in
life separated him from loyalty and although life may end  

shall not separate us from The One, The Leader, Our Friend.





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