Time To Say Goodbye

Posted: October 29, 2010 in Tributes

Today I will brave my emotions and the horror of clothing to spend just one last chance with my friend’s body. I know that it is only a shell and that his soul has long left but like a picture of memories, his body will bring the nostalgia of many years together and closure that he no longer is. Today I will see him for the last as he lies resting. Farewell my Prime Minister, the Honorable David John Howard Thompson.  


Time To Say Goodbye


The body of my friend will be at Combermere

I will go to view him while he lays there

Many others too will come to say their final goodbyes

Every old scholar in shades to cover red, swollen eyes


Take his soul Lord and leave these frail remains

Our sorrow has left a trail of teardrop stains


Showing the path to where his body will reside

A sanctuary we will hold sacred for all far and wide

Your faithful servant while he was here


Gave his all to all and quelled your people’s fear

Our lives are the better to have known this great

Our tears fall profusely but his life we celebrate

Dear Lord our leader, love one, confidant and friend

Bravely battled his enemy right to the very end

You were there Lord with him, you knew he needed to try

Embrace his soul for eternity as we take Time To Say Good-bye


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