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Did You See Him

Posted: November 17, 2010 in Best Wishes

What a glorious era this is when technology allows you to see what is going live for miles and miles away. When my friend called me and I saw her new born baby, it was as if I was there with her and her husband, in the same room, sharing their joy. I’ll plant a Rose and keep it for him


Did You See Him


Did you see
their little baby

In arms
resting peaceably

sweet, did you, see?


You see
how with experience he stayed

On mommy’s
bosom and quietly laid

of troubles, not yet afraid


See too
his beautiful lips and chin

Eyes not
yet debuting and sun not yet on skin

being on the outside where kisses and embraces begin


He is the
center of attraction, the  apple of the

bundle of joy in this little guy

Mikko is a
Did You See Him, their gift from on high





Paula Hinds

Posted: November 16, 2010 in Best Wishes

I was privileged to hear her sing recently and although it was not at the kind of event that I would have been looking for talent, I totally enjoyed her singing. I came away believing that she sings better than one of the classical greats that my family often compares here to.  Today we celebrate her birthday and I wish her the very best.


Paula Hinds


Pure in
voice and personality

An angel
who sings to God’s glory

but if you can hear 

sung beyond compare

And when
she sings harps play


Her voice
echoes them in a melodious way

I know
it’s a gift Lord and she does too

refusing to use it for service to you

your ears as she makes her joyful noise

She has a
blessing which your people enjoys




And Mikko Makes Three

Posted: November 16, 2010 in Best Wishes

So happy, so proud and so tired. The couple welcomes their first child, a baby boy who was here after 40 minutes of delivery time. She had a beautiful and blessed pregnancy which resulted from a wonderful union. The labor was similarly blessed and now this child that arrived on Thursday November 11, 2010 at 7:58am weighing 7lbs 7ozs and measuring 19.5 ins.


And Mikko Makes Three


A proud father he is today

Now God’s miracle and all is okay

Divine Father blessed them with this little boy


Mikko he will me called and his life they’ll enjoy

It is expected that he will keep them up nights late

Keep them changing and feeding him but it will be great

Kind Father entrusted them with his little soul

On them to turn to, his troubles they will console


Mend bruises and treat insect bites

Assist him with studies and keep him from fights

Knees he will be taught are used to pray

Earnest praises to the Lord and to thank him each day

So many responsibilities come in so little a package


Turned up at 7:58am, 7lb 7oz. with obvious lineage

He looks like his dad although measuring inches 19.5

Really small by comparison but in time he will thrive

Eventually will be taller than his mom, may be dad too

Enjoy your baby boy Mikko and know God loves you




The Rihanna Haters

Posted: November 15, 2010 in From The Blogs, Rihanna

I haven’t written to this blog in a while, but I think the writer of the blog either. It seems like facebook is the new play toy for most to vent your views and amass support. Blogs still offer some freedoms that to accomplish on facebook thy will not be consider freedoms. I am still learning how to creating effective pages! 


The Rihanna Haters


OMG! [mine-Oh My Goodness] Good Girl Gone Bad

styles galore, wha wrong wid the one she had

outfit getting skimpier, wha wrong wid she


Robyn lost
she focus! Or have we?

It didn’t
matter to me what she wore

schedule was planned months before

And she
broke engagements to be in Bim

No matter
what the cost she paid her respects to him

Not showing
up would have been understandable to me

And to
have shown up says she’s a special celebrity


Having the
care to put everything scheduled on hold

And the
power to do it, so she controlled

Them all
to be here, to say farewell

hater focused on dress, bag, hat but from what I can tell

Rihanna came
wearing empathy, a sense of national lost and grief

She was
focused where you ought to have been, that’s my belief




Laura Gauss

Posted: November 14, 2010 in Best Wishes

I tried my Bajan because I know how much you must miss hearing and reading the Bajan vernacular. Remember how much fun you got from all the local artistes here and some of the region’s best too. Well I am far from good but  I think I am a little better that the foreigners that you now live among, may be you are specking like them


Laura Gauss


Look I
thought you did gine keep in touch

And thee years
gone an I ‘aint hear you much

Until I
can hear you again

assure you automatically stop aging

stop getting old


Got to
hear you again and until then yah age on hold

Ah wannah
celebrate but you still is 25

Unable now
to determine how long you’d been alive

So try and
keep in touch ‘cause I doan know wha tah say

Should be
30,35,40 wha evah, have a Happy Birthday!


See your Card


A Bud On Her Rose Vines

Posted: November 11, 2010 in Best Wishes

Oh what excitement, what good news. God has once more smiled upon us and has given our sister a glorious baby with his kind mercy. Today she delivered a miracle of love, kept all okay and now is prepared to continue with her new family. I pray God’s continued blessings upon them  


A Bud On Her Rose


the flower garden were the rose vines


organized in perfect lines

arrangements in shades of green

not notice recent changes, hadn’t yet seen


one of the roses was a sure sign

did the usual blessing and we did find


beautiful miniature blossom there on a tree

flower that was around waited to see

for a safe opening and taking more time than all


little blossom was determined for its curtain call

Sunday gone we awoke expecting it then

were unclear but still we waited for when

and ears will at last meet but it wasn’t then to be


expected was the blossom’s arrival, all wanted to see

wasn’t until Thursday the blossom showed a piece of heaven

Morning awoke and after taking forty at 7:58, 7lbs 7

was as pretty and as beautiful as the Lord said it would be     

a beautiful blossom, a day’s miracle and God smiling at me




Reflection – Death

Posted: November 10, 2010 in Facebook

I want to reflect on death for a moment. The fact is that although the body passes on there are certain things of individuals that will stay with us. These may be simple things like the way they open a can, or sat in a specific chair. Sometimes they leave with us methods that we use all of our lives, like recipes or how to bring the car in the garage. When a person dies simple but very important things live on.




me when I am gone

though my body left my spirit lives on

Forget the
trivial, they can pass away

Let the
more precious memories we shared stay

the thought that a part of me remained

Carry on
the models I casted and the methods I trained

The steps where
I cut paths to be followed

I tried to
build you foundations and never wallowed

On my laurels
because the examples I wanted to set

Now that I’ve
gone these parts of me you must never forget




His Dash For Me

Posted: November 9, 2010 in Tributes

You may know of the DASH that separates our date of birth and our death on our tombstone and how, although it bears significance, is treated as if it is worth no more than the minus sign it resembles. A facebook friend asked that we look at the DASH again and I did

This is what  the DASH was to me


His Dash For Me


He was
born on Christmas day

In the
most loving time they say

So it was his


David, our
Prime Minister was meant to be

As he was,
living all his years

with others and quelling fears

He lived
his DASH trying to impart


First with his generous heart

Opened doors
for the downtrodden men

Risked all
to stop Violence and Crime from spreading


My Prime
Minister and yours lived his DASH fully

rights to all and dreamt of a Barbados with Love and Unity






The Tributes Given at His Alma Mater

Posted: November 7, 2010 in Tributes
The Combermerians had a night of tributes to their fallen comrade and the evening to all was incredible. They had a late start largely due to an accident on the stadium road that prevent passage and created gridlocks
 When they finally got started there was tributes that were sent in my mail and read by the MC and tributes in song, poetry, speeches, adlibs, orchestral the whole works. One sure thing was apart from the Hon. David J H Thompson being loved buy many, Combermerians are very talented.


The Tributes Given at His Alma Mater


postponed their function twice before

However they
decided for Friday 5, two hours pass four

came to sunny day but at twenty-five minutes after five

The rain
pour to threaten it again but plans stayed alive

earlier than expected he got on his way

In his car
with 15 minutes grace he was “pressing on” to pay

friend from his Alma Mater the final tributes

respect through the musical evening with oratory salutes

National Anthem was played with orchestral genius

sung the school, then a prayer and Peter welcomed us

Sung a
Hymn then remarks by the principal of the school’s parlance

Got a
duet, the choir then Charlie spoke of his “zero tolerance”

and historical and mostly

comical, like good old Charlie

followed from David’s much spoke of Rastafari

advice to the family and poetry far better than I

A vocal
solo, an extraordinary violin solo then the orchestra again

from Janice then from Neville a most hilarious showing

imitated Charlie as David would often request

It was
spot on and his tribute gut wrenching, the best

another Hymn then a Gaye and Stephen duet

rendition unmatched by some of the best artistes yet

Lawrence sung after the orchestra played

Mark had a
crisp steel pan solo after Mrs Pile relayed

All the
old time secrets of what might have been the drive

folk run to the ISCF and keeping traditions live

excellent Solo by Paula then  solos by Andreen
and Dionne

The sung
another hymn, prayed and the school song

President, MC thanked us, he had read two of my pieces too

Raised the
Anthem and finally I felt closure to the man I knew




Farewell To The Prime Minister

Posted: November 4, 2010 in Tributes

Farewell to a true friend and great person who brought happiness to many of his friends, family and the people of Barbados. This prime Minister served as Prime Minister only 2 years but he brought more change in the short space of time than others in full terms. The Hon. David J H Thompson has left a great legacy and the people of Barbados say thank you.


Farewell To The Prime Minister


Father you
gave him and soon you took him away

And there are
questions what these actions say

Reactions are
generally the same tune

thinks he is gone to soon

When such
a special person dies

will be the peoples’ cries

Lord you
know this man that all came to know

Loved one,
leader, confidant and friend they didn’t want to go


This time is
and any other would be, hard to bear

Only you
Father knew the time he’d leave here


To this
end we say a fond farewell

He served
the people outstandingly and from what they can tell

was the service he gave to you

his all to help others meant he was helping you too

Righting wrongs
against the downtrodden and giving them a chance

endless time to make Families First his stance

Made you
Father his guide when uncertainty was ahead

inauguration and religion widespread

trusted him and their constituents too

In his own
St. John he
was loved by many and all he knew

he preached and that the people be as one

strains will ease he said if we’d better get along

Shared his
dream of a people who lived with love and unity

There is
so much he left as his legacy

merciful Father my people wish to give him this final adieu

Rest In
Peace Mr. Prime Minister, Barbados
says Farewell to you