Hope For The Best Prepare For The Worst

Posted: November 3, 2010 in Tributes

The Best is that I not only have good memories of my friend but that I can continue to live the dream that he had for us all, to put family first. The worst that can happen is that his legacy fades with time. In life my friend was greater, in death he shall be might


Hope For The Best Prepare For The


Hold me to
your bosom my God, I feel to cry

Our dear
leader, confidant and friend, why did he die

Ministers are not supposed to go like this, are they?

though others died, why did he have to pass away


dear friend you taught me

One must
never put anything before family

assure that I don’t but I feel like we are one


Today they
buried you and it’s hard to believe you’re gone

Hard to
let go of the memories we share

Every year
we spent together while at Combermere


But today
you left to go to God’s promised place

of life wearing a smile on your face

Somehow I
know you are better off so I must let go

This Paradise you are off to you deserve it I know


have been hearing of your many attributes

you were as comfortable with royalty as with grassroots

has seen the treasure we knew

Pleased to
learn your friendships were all true

And they
tried to compress your life in two eulogies  

personal from Brian and Hartley, professional qualities

are limited to time governed by organizers designs


For us to
speak of your life we’ll need more than these lines

Our words
can never summarize the magnitude of your heart

Recall the
essence of the intensions you had from the start


were all great but they would need be

Having to
describe individual perspectives truthfully

we all had with this loyal friend


Were immeasurable,
and fully extend

years, age, creed and always too

political affiliations, whatever he loved you

So long
dear leader, confidant and friend

Today we
say farewell but our memories shall never end




  1. Wy says:

    Some people think it is a waste of time to prepapre for bad when you are aiming for only good things to happen, they think you have no faith. But we never know the outcome, we only have high hopes and expectations. God set the best in Adam and Eve, and prepared for the worst by having someone to redeem us when they fell. It’s all a part of being ready, and David was ready.

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