Farewell To The Prime Minister

Posted: November 4, 2010 in Tributes

Farewell to a true friend and great person who brought happiness to many of his friends, family and the people of Barbados. This prime Minister served as Prime Minister only 2 years but he brought more change in the short space of time than others in full terms. The Hon. David J H Thompson has left a great legacy and the people of Barbados say thank you.


Farewell To The Prime Minister


Father you
gave him and soon you took him away

And there are
questions what these actions say

Reactions are
generally the same tune

thinks he is gone to soon

When such
a special person dies

will be the peoples’ cries

Lord you
know this man that all came to know

Loved one,
leader, confidant and friend they didn’t want to go


This time is
and any other would be, hard to bear

Only you
Father knew the time he’d leave here


To this
end we say a fond farewell

He served
the people outstandingly and from what they can tell

was the service he gave to you

his all to help others meant he was helping you too

Righting wrongs
against the downtrodden and giving them a chance

endless time to make Families First his stance

Made you
Father his guide when uncertainty was ahead

inauguration and religion widespread

trusted him and their constituents too

In his own
St. John he
was loved by many and all he knew

he preached and that the people be as one

strains will ease he said if we’d better get along

Shared his
dream of a people who lived with love and unity

There is
so much he left as his legacy

merciful Father my people wish to give him this final adieu

Rest In
Peace Mr. Prime Minister, Barbados
says Farewell to you




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