His Dash For Me

Posted: November 9, 2010 in Tributes

You may know of the DASH that separates our date of birth and our death on our tombstone and how, although it bears significance, is treated as if it is worth no more than the minus sign it resembles. A facebook friend asked that we look at the DASH again and I did

This is what  the DASH was to me


His Dash For Me


He was
born on Christmas day

In the
most loving time they say

So it was his


David, our
Prime Minister was meant to be

As he was,
living all his years

with others and quelling fears

He lived
his DASH trying to impart


First with his generous heart

Opened doors
for the downtrodden men

Risked all
to stop Violence and Crime from spreading


My Prime
Minister and yours lived his DASH fully

rights to all and dreamt of a Barbados with Love and Unity






  1. Wy says:

    Such a small and insignificant looking character, but representes volumes of words that space and time cannot hold.
    For sure in David’s case – DASH does not mean hurrying or panic. But taking time to fill in all the blanks, dotting the “I”s and crossing the “t”s.

  2. Wy says:

    The insignificant dash that holds and unexplainable amount of information too lenghty to record, but a blessing to experience. whether good or bad, no matter whose dash it is directly or indirect forms a part of our existence.

  3. I somehow agree with you Wy but we can’t please everybody. We have our own to consider, we have our own stories to tell, we have our own sentiments to cry on…but what is important is that we learned from the things that come along our way and indeed, you’re right..they become part of our existence.

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