Reflection – Death

Posted: November 10, 2010 in Facebook

I want to reflect on death for a moment. The fact is that although the body passes on there are certain things of individuals that will stay with us. These may be simple things like the way they open a can, or sat in a specific chair. Sometimes they leave with us methods that we use all of our lives, like recipes or how to bring the car in the garage. When a person dies simple but very important things live on.




me when I am gone

though my body left my spirit lives on

Forget the
trivial, they can pass away

Let the
more precious memories we shared stay

the thought that a part of me remained

Carry on
the models I casted and the methods I trained

The steps where
I cut paths to be followed

I tried to
build you foundations and never wallowed

On my laurels
because the examples I wanted to set

Now that I’ve
gone these parts of me you must never forget




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