Laura Gauss

Posted: November 14, 2010 in Best Wishes

I tried my Bajan because I know how much you must miss hearing and reading the Bajan vernacular. Remember how much fun you got from all the local artistes here and some of the region’s best too. Well I am far from good but  I think I am a little better that the foreigners that you now live among, may be you are specking like them


Laura Gauss


Look I
thought you did gine keep in touch

And thee years
gone an I ‘aint hear you much

Until I
can hear you again

assure you automatically stop aging

stop getting old


Got to
hear you again and until then yah age on hold

Ah wannah
celebrate but you still is 25

Unable now
to determine how long you’d been alive

So try and
keep in touch ‘cause I doan know wha tah say

Should be
30,35,40 wha evah, have a Happy Birthday!


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