The Rihanna Haters

Posted: November 15, 2010 in From The Blogs, Rihanna

I haven’t written to this blog in a while, but I think the writer of the blog either. It seems like facebook is the new play toy for most to vent your views and amass support. Blogs still offer some freedoms that to accomplish on facebook thy will not be consider freedoms. I am still learning how to creating effective pages! 


The Rihanna Haters


OMG! [mine-Oh My Goodness] Good Girl Gone Bad

styles galore, wha wrong wid the one she had

outfit getting skimpier, wha wrong wid she


Robyn lost
she focus! Or have we?

It didn’t
matter to me what she wore

schedule was planned months before

And she
broke engagements to be in Bim

No matter
what the cost she paid her respects to him

Not showing
up would have been understandable to me

And to
have shown up says she’s a special celebrity


Having the
care to put everything scheduled on hold

And the
power to do it, so she controlled

Them all
to be here, to say farewell

hater focused on dress, bag, hat but from what I can tell

Rihanna came
wearing empathy, a sense of national lost and grief

She was
focused where you ought to have been, that’s my belief




  1. Some interviewees you make friends with and some you don’t.

  2. E Cigarette says:

    Yeah, in my opinion, this is already written on every fence:)

  3. sigarety says:

    Strange but true. Your life is expensive.

  4. All you get out on Nov. 15 to get married. Congratulate me! Go now you rarely will.

  5. Mina says:

    With the bases loaded you struck us out with that awsenr!

  6. liska says:

    Good post, but much too much.

  7. baidu censor says:

    baidu censor

    Other countries censor content and not just rogue regimes such as the Iranian mullocracy. Poor people!

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