Did You See Him

Posted: November 17, 2010 in Best Wishes

What a glorious era this is when technology allows you to see what is going live for miles and miles away. When my friend called me and I saw her new born baby, it was as if I was there with her and her husband, in the same room, sharing their joy. I’ll plant a Rose and keep it for him


Did You See Him


Did you see
their little baby

In arms
resting peaceably

sweet, did you, see?


You see
how with experience he stayed

On mommy’s
bosom and quietly laid

of troubles, not yet afraid


See too
his beautiful lips and chin

Eyes not
yet debuting and sun not yet on skin

being on the outside where kisses and embraces begin


He is the
center of attraction, the  apple of the

bundle of joy in this little guy

Mikko is a
Did You See Him, their gift from on high





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    Bajan Poetry Society: Did You See Him

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