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My Name Is Michael Western

Posted: December 21, 2010 in Best Wishes

I have been writing but not posting my recent poems, the pressure of Christmas seems to have gotten to me. Today however I must make an exception since it is a very important date for a very important person. I sent it off to her and she loved it. Now that is the kind of reaction that warms a person’s heart. This poem may not have great significance to you but to her it was “awesome”


My Name Is Michael Western


Movies can
be a favorite pass time

You’ll get
pleasure from men fighting crime


Not just
cops but lawyers and now Burn Notice men too

Any one
suddenly cut from their undercover agency do

Western specializes in making wrongs right  

are demolished with his cunning and might



In the new
TV series he changes personalities

in to roles that require his expertise


My sister
is generally equaled to shifting roles

I see her
become doctor, carpenter, driller of holes

Caring for
family and strangers for pets purposely 

favorites are the family dogs but she 

the neighborhood cats like Ginger and the rest

action is unselfish and nothing done with protest

Love and
assertive Christian values make her with no doubt


When a
crisis steps in she will jump to put the fire out

Every time
she can be counted on to be first at your door

She gives
her all and will give a whole lot more

To help
you if conditions allowed and so like the spy

wrong she will fight to right, she will certainly try

Rest will
come easier when she is in your corner

MacGyver or Michael Western is any where better