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Becoming A President

Posted: December 3, 2011 in Barack Obama

I saw the list of requirement for becoming president in the
and I never expected that becoming a president would not require more stringent
qualifications. The good about this is that anyone can seek legitimately to
become president; the bad thing is that anyone can seek legitimately to become
president too. Hopefully, the forces of good and fair democracy will elect the
most required candidate. Now, if only we can make requirements our needs


Becoming A President


Barack Obama left his trail;

Emulate it and you can never fail

Careful steps along the way

Obama played it cool that’s why he’s president today

Men on their way to becoming a president will know

It’s important to have a clean record to show

Not just the Birth Certificate but a list of things

Got to have charisma, nerves of steel and the leverage
good support brings


A skeleton free
closet, thick skin, you must be 35 years or more


Prospects must have lived at least 14 years in the US and never served

Requirements for becoming president don’t indicate

Education, wide knowledge, good family ties or ability
to debate

So few are the qualifications for becoming president but
we know

It’s important to have lots of good qualities because
it’s no pony show

Do not think of being President if you can’t rise above

Equaling their morals and standards are not enough my

Nominations should narrow the candidates and throw the
phonies away 

There is much required of you on Becoming A President in the great USA


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Becoming A President