Becoming A President

Posted: December 3, 2011 in Barack Obama

I saw the list of requirement for becoming president in the
and I never expected that becoming a president would not require more stringent
qualifications. The good about this is that anyone can seek legitimately to
become president; the bad thing is that anyone can seek legitimately to become
president too. Hopefully, the forces of good and fair democracy will elect the
most required candidate. Now, if only we can make requirements our needs


Becoming A President


Barack Obama left his trail;

Emulate it and you can never fail

Careful steps along the way

Obama played it cool that’s why he’s president today

Men on their way to becoming a president will know

It’s important to have a clean record to show

Not just the Birth Certificate but a list of things

Got to have charisma, nerves of steel and the leverage
good support brings


A skeleton free
closet, thick skin, you must be 35 years or more


Prospects must have lived at least 14 years in the US and never served

Requirements for becoming president don’t indicate

Education, wide knowledge, good family ties or ability
to debate

So few are the qualifications for becoming president but
we know

It’s important to have lots of good qualities because
it’s no pony show

Do not think of being President if you can’t rise above

Equaling their morals and standards are not enough my

Nominations should narrow the candidates and throw the
phonies away 

There is much required of you on Becoming A President in the great USA


See the Book Path to the White House on becoming a president

Or Vist the
Becoming A President

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    然而,一个人越有事情要做或正在做,他投入到这些事情中的精力、体力和社交就越多。由此,一个人就看不到自己的个人问题了,因为他的心里总是在想着如何完成承担的任务。问题一旦眼不见了,心也就不烦了。②【注释】out vanessa bruno cabas of sight看不见了,不让人看见【临目They looked for the cyclist but he was already out of sight.他们找那个骑自行车的人,但是已经看不见他了。①【注释】the more … the …越…越…undertake vt. 承担,担任,着手作;答应,保证However, the more things one has to do or one is into, the greater the involvement in a mental, physical or social way in these vanessa bruno pas cher things.① Due to this, one’s own personal problems are out of sight, because all the time one’s mind is thinking of completing vanessa bruno pas cher the undertaken tasks.② Problems, once they are out of sight are out of mind.思如泉涌 行文点评首句使用了so … that句型,强调现代生活的忙碌程度。第二句用grass作比喻支持了首句。第二段以However开始,笔锋一转,指出忙碌使一个人投入到所做的每一件都会对我们有好处,并引用谚语an idle mind is the devil’s workshop,从反面说明闲散的危害。结尾以改编名言的形式画龙点睛。Better wear out shoes than sheets.宁可磨破鞋子,也不要蹭破床单;宁奔波健身也不贪睡而得玻有时候生活变得如此繁忙,以至于你觉得仿佛你是惟一一个世界对你无情的人,而且你是世界上惟一一个比谁工作都辛苦的人。的确,邻家芳草总是更绿、更新鲜。mortar n. 砂浆,灰浆我们做的每件事都会提升我们的人格魅力。它塑造我们的思想,让我们更具组织性,更有经验,知识更渊博也更具创造力。我们每天为完成任务所花的时间和所流的汗水就是建筑我们未来的一砖一瓦。因此,朋友们,忙碌总比无所事事好。大家不是都听过“游手好闲的头脑就是魔鬼的作坊”这句话吗?每个成功男人的背后是一张兢兢业业的繁忙的日程表,而不是一个女人。佳句临摹Importance of Being Busy好文妙译词汇斟酌忙碌的重要性schedule n. 时间表,进度表,计划,安排【临目The vanessa bruno sac truth of life is that the more you want the less you get.生活的真谛就是你想要的越多,反而得到的就越少。文章短小精炼,正文中没有出现important或importance等词,却将忙碌的重要性论述得合情合理,水到渠成。文章使用比喻、谚语等写作手法使语言生动活泼,句式多变新颖,如第二段首句使用the more the greater句型,不仅在内容上强调了第3段首可而且在可式上显得有所变化,避无单一。第三段第二句中则以四个并列的形容词organized, experienced knowledgeable and creative深化观点。Progress is the activity of today and the assurance of tomorrow.进步是今天的活动,明天的保证。[200 words]文章结构总分总。devotedly vanessa bruno soldes ad. 忠实的,一心一意的dimension n. 方面,特点;尺度,深度;面积现代生活节奏紧张,忙碌使许多人感到疲惫不堪,但忙碌对生活却有着十分重要的意义。孰不闻“勤能补拙”,孰不知“业精于勤”,“勤有三益”?creative a. 创造性的,有创造力的来自: 文章地址: merciless a. 无慈悲心的,残忍的Each thing that we do adds a new dimension to our personality. It shapes our thinking and makes us more organized, experienced, knowledgeable and creative. The time and sweat that we put in everyday into our tasks is the brick and mortar of our future. So friends, it is always better to be busy rather than idle. Now hasn’t everyone heard that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop? Behind every successful man is

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    On the afternoon of 15

    ,barbour sale 9 years ago, neighborhood disputes, a man with a knife to kill fled after aunt. In carrying out the "broken the backlog, chasing fugitives" linkage in the battle of the city police, run 9 years of Li Zubi in 10 night in Guangdong was. In the Li Qiantao period,hollister france, the death of his father. The 15 day, Li Zai identified the scene of the crime, weep confession to his father’s grave.

    April 25, 2000 afternoon,air jordan, and Li Zubi is a neighbor of Li Xin wife Tanmou with his wife generation as a result of a trivial quarrel. Then, Qin a mother-in-law is aunt Li Zubi’s generation and generation of a C show match, then scuffling. Under the earth to do farm work home to eat Li Zubi stretch holding knife to the generation of propylene by, successively knife will c show and Qin a cut, then fled the scene. In the evening, generation of C show after rescue invalid death. Conceal one’s identity to work
    according to Li Jiaodai, escape 9 years,louboutin, did not return a house. 9 years ago, his father was ill also failed to take care of, until his father dying before, did not dare to go home to see at a glance, his father dying before called his son’s name. In 9 years, because of his escape,air jordan pas cher, one family did not live a quiet life, home is very poor.

    trivial disputes to aunt
    Li Zubi,hollister, 45 years old this year, Qianjiang District Peng Dongxiang flourishing village 4 groups, was together with his wife at home farm, a children’s home.
    March 29th, Qianjiang police received clues, Li Zubi lived in Huizhou with his wife, daughter of guangdong. In March 31st,, the project group to Guangdong Huizhou, quickly contact with the local police. Through the touch line grasp of the situation, Li Cangni worked in Shuikou Town Huizhou city area. April 10th at 8 pm, the police arrested lee. ,Abercrombie Pas Cher, 5 groups of Qianjiang District Peng Dongxiang flourishing village, in several police escorted, Lee wearing handcuffs,<a href="http://www.v

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    当他人说出了你的感觉,你非常同意的时候,你就可以用上这句话I jordan flight 45 feel the same way.“我有同感。”这句话不但可以让你避免把同样的话再讲一次,帮你省了不少口水,还可以让对方觉得自己的意见被尊重呢。She is coming Jordan GS on to you.这句话是用在两性的关系上,意思是“她对你投怀送抱。”也就是形容某人对某人有意思。这个句型男女两性都适用;同样的情况,你也可以说She is making a pass at you.“她对你眉来眼去的。”这两种说法都很生动,而且最棒的是用词很简单!Regret 是指“后悔,懊恼”。You jordan sneakers won’t regret it.的意思为“你不会后悔的”。You won’t regret it.这句话常用在自己拍胸脯做担保,怂恿对方去做某事。It’s not like that.这句话是用来辟谣的。当别人误会了一件事的来龙去脉,你就可以跟他说It’s not jordan bordeaux like that.“不是那样的。”当然随着语气及情境的不同,It’s not jordan spizike like that.这句话也有可能是你用来死撑的一句话。这句话是用来安慰他人的,当有人对于自己太过苛责的时候,你就可以跟对方说这句话You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself.“你不该这么苛责自己的。”让对方心里好过一些。10. It’s not like that. 不是那样的。1. She is coming on to you. 她对你有意思。9. I’ve gotten carried air yeezy 2 away. 我扯太远了。Get carried away字面上的意思是“被带走了”,那么被带走的是什么呢?就是心思。当你或是他人说话的时候离了题,把话题扯远的时候,你就可以用上这个表达法I’ve/You’ve gotten carried away.这句话适用于男性。通常在和女朋友外出用餐或是跟一伙人一起吃喝后,到了付账时总是气氛尴尬,要是此时你撂下This one is on me!“这顿算我的!”相信大伙绝对会对你报以英雄式欢呼。不过这种义气只能偶尔为之,不然苦的还是你自己。这个词组字面上的意思指“就称它做一天。”进而引申为“到此为止,就这样结束吧。”当你要想要结束一件事不再追究,或是散会、下课前,便可说Let’s call it a day.“今天就到这里”。2. Is jordan chaussures there someone else?你是不是有了新欢?11. Would you cut it out, already? 你到底有完没完? jordan flight 45 jordan doernbecher 6. What have you got to lose? 你有啥好损失的?8. You won’t regret it. 你不会后悔的。Cut it out是指“住嘴,住手”的意思,Would you cut it out,already?这句话当中的already,暗示着说话者的极度不耐烦。5. I feel the same way. 我有同感。 jordan bordeaux What have you got to lose?这句话当中的lose是指“失去”的意思,当有人犹豫不决,始终做不了决定,你就可以用这句话What have you got to lose? “你有啥好损失的?”,来增强对方破釜沉舟采取行动的决心。7. Jordan GS You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. 你不该这么苛责自己。4. This one is on me. 这个算在我头上。Is there someone else?这句话字面上是指“有其他人吗?”不过Is there someone else?这句话在使用上,问的那个“其他人”一定是感情上的“新欢,新对象”,所以若是情侣或是夫妻之间有人说了这句Is there someone else?“你是不是有了新欢?”这可就不太妙了。3. I can’t help myself. 我情不自禁。12. Call it a day.这句话的意思是“我情不自禁。”指的是对自己无能为力,无法控制自己。I can’t help… 这个句型很好用,若是你遇到一个情况,想要说“我不禁纳闷了起来。”在美语中你就可以直接说 jordan chaussures I can’t help but wonder. occupation planning: according to the direction wi <a href="http:/

  36. yanyandenny says:

    North Korea has accepted France’s offer to open a cultural affairs office in Pyongyang as a step toward normalizing diplomatic relations between the countries. The North Korean state news agency reported the government’s decision on Thursday, a month after France sent special envoy jordan oreo Jack Lang to Pyongyang. Lang briefed a group of French lawmakers on the situation Wednesday. He said Paris wants to strengthen jordan flight 45 ties jordan flight 45 with North Korea "step by step."北韩接受了法国的提议,允许法国在平壤开设文化事务办事处,向两国关系正常化迈进。北韩国家媒体星期四报导了政府的决定。一个月前,法国派特使雅克.朗前往平壤。雅克.朗星期三向一组法国议员简单叙述了情况。他说法国想要“一步步”加强和北韩的联系。 air yeezy 2 jordan spizike North Korea Approves French Offer jordan doernbecher to Open Office来自: 文章地址: France is one of only two European Union nations that do jordan oreo not have jordan doernbecher diplomatic relations with North Korea. Lang traveled jordan bordeaux to Pyongyang to boost France’s diplomatic profile jordan chaussures in the jordan bordeaux region, saying Paris could also play a role in international efforts to end North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.法国是仅有的两个没有和北韩建立外交关系的欧盟国家之一。雅克.朗前往平壤访问 jordan sneakers,加强法国在这一地区的外交形象。他说法国还可以在结束北韩核武器项目中发挥作用。 日常购物口语 第5讲剪头发日常购物口语VOA英语网 IPC announces 15 more women’s athletics events for 新概念英语第二册 课后答案 第九十课新概念英语第二册

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    ? The best-selling book "18 make one hundred million" author Wei Yaosheng, involving multiple case made by prosecutors wanted, which,, alias "Wei Yaosheng", claiming to be "President of Brunei royal family group", foreign money, may say can get the bonus of 70%,doudoune moncler pas cher, this modus operandi of more than billion, 23 by the Taipei prosecutors claim custody endures allowed to see. investor remittances to Southern China fund trust company in Hongkong to set up accounts, Wei will the money back to the island of Brunei Royal fund account, the members of the majority for the group on long Heng high-grade hotel luxury with flowers,barbour outlet, only minimal remitted to investors as interest, to win the trust.
    100000000 make a new network on 24 December, really

    in May this year, a Yanxing investors found in Southern China trust fund company account many changes, questioned the authenticity of the Royal Brunei fund,air jordan pas cher, Wei although produce false legal opinions and audit reports, Yan still half believe and half doubt, please Hongkong friend to check, found that two companies have no actual operation, just know deceived. Perversely, Wei was investors exposed fraud, has also launched the "Global Bioenergy fund", "global biotech pilot fund" to cheat, fraud totalling more than billion. prosecutors found, in September last year, Weimou alias Wei Yaosheng, and people were fraud group, calling itself "the Brunei royal family group" President of Asia,hollister france, and in Hongkong set up a "Royal Brunei fund company",barbour sale, "Southern China trust fund companies," foreign lied to get the "Brunei royal family group", "Brunei capital the bank authorized to assist the Brunei royal family", raise funds in Taiwan. investigators found five mobile phone, Wei in the body he argued: "because I had 5 girlfriends, afraid of messing up,Cheap NFL Jerseys, will each do a mobile phone." The prosecutor was inadmissible, fraud, money laundering and violation of yesterday in >

    Wei Yaosheng to win the trust of investors,<a href="http://www.davidhab

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    American camps operate on a grander scale. The American Camp Association estimates jordan doernbecher that over 10m children, including Sasha and Malia Obama, will attend one this summer. Specialist camps abound: for robotics fans, diabetes-sufferers, children jordan bordeaux whose parents are in the army or in prison, and so on. Lighter regulations make American camps more fun: safety rules bar British brats from enjoying the risky games that delight their American peers.The poet William Blake likened kids in school to birds in cages. (Apparently he thought caging them was a bad thing.) During the summer holidays, the little horrors are released and their harried parents must jordan oreo find ways to keep them out of trouble. Americans have long resorted to summer camps. A few weeks in the wilderness teaches youngsters self-reliance and new swear words.商业。The idea is spreading. In Britain, where childcare is costly-the average family with two earners spends 27% of after-tax income on it-day camps are popular. Super Camps, a national operator, charges £38 ($60) a day at most. A smaller rival, Camp Energy in Oxfordshire, charges £33. One of air yeezy 2 the founders of Mumsnet, a parenting website, calls such fees "eye-wateringly expensive". Yet to many, they are a bargain. The jordan chaussures minimum hourly wage for childminders is £6.08 and they will not teach you how to make fire with flints.来自: 文章地址: Some camps are marketing opportunities. US Sports Camps (USSC), for example, is sponsored by Nike, a sporting-goods firm. More than 55,000 kids will attend one of its 450 camps this summer; revenues are nearly $30m a year, says Steve Pence, the president. He reports steady growth in the past four years. "The last thing parents will cut is something for their child," he explains.By one estimate, 250,000 British children attend summer camps each year. Their purpose, says Camp Energy’s founder, Barry Grinham, jordan sneakers is "to ease the jordan doernbecher pain Jordan GS of parenting". Their main competitor, says Justine Longford of Super Camps, is free child care from the extended family. Mr Grinham notes that many parents book at the last jordan sneakers minute, after relatives cancel on them.Business.夏令营诗人威廉?布莱克把学校里的孩子比作笼子里的小鸟。(很明显,他认为将它们关在笼子里是一件糟糕的事情。)暑假期间,调皮蛋们被释放 jordan flight 45,被烦扰的家长们必须找到办法使他们不再捣蛋。美国人一直采取的是送进夏令营。在野外待几个星期,孩子们学会自立,当然也会学到新的脏话。 Summer camps美国体育训练营试图打入中国市常同样由耐克赞助,它已经在北京和上海建起了运动营地。然而,Pence认为中国市场是一次"挑战"。 中国城市夫妇通常有一个孩子,他们的四个祖父母没有其他外孙。相比巴尔的摩或者是巴勒姆,在北京给孩

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    The Smithsonian’s Emil Her Many Horses, who is a member of the Oglala Lakota.As they come nearer, the Shoshone group sees that we are not ready for war. They slow their horses but are still very careful. Merriwether Lewis holds up an open hand as a sign of peace. The leader of the Shoshone does the same. They come closer.And a third jordan sneakers would be trained for war. An Indian warrior’s success depended on how closely he and his horse worked together."And, jordan bordeaux with killing more buffalo, you had more meat, you had more resources to make clothing from the hidesA horse would be trained to ride into the herd. And buffalos, although they’re huge in their size, they can turn very quickly. So, a horse had jordan oreo to be ready and be able to anticipate that, so you did have hunting horses that were trained to ride into a herd of buffalo.The grass fed the buffalo, or bison, that were the center of native culture in the Great Plains. The huge animals provided meat for the Indians — and much more. They were an important part of the religion of most of the native people in the Great Plains.When the group of explorers neared the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains, they encountered the Shoshone tribe. Merriwether Lewis was the first to see them. Imagine for a moment that we are with Merriwether Lewis near the Rocky Mountains. Across a small hill, a group of sixty Shoshone men are riding toward us.The Shoshone are dressed in clothes made from animal skins. Most of these skins are from deer or buffalo. The skins also have designs, and tell stories like the designs on the horses. One design shows that someone has fought in a battle. Another shows that the person has been in many raids to capture horses. Still another shows that someone saved the life of a friend.Emil Her Many Horses, curator at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, describes the at first frightening sight to the native Americans."Originally, you may have killed one or two buffalo, where, if you’re on horseback, you’d be able to kill more buffalo."Another animal also played an important part in the Indian cultures of the Great Plains. When Native Americans first saw these animals, they called them big dogs or "mystery dogs." They had no word for this kind of animal in their languages.Both the buffalo and the horse were extremely important to the Plains Indians. Because the horse made hunting easier, more time could be spent on other activities, including art. The Plains Indians began to make designs on their clothing, and on blankets for their horses.Welcome to – in . I’m Steve Ember.The first thing we see is that these men are ready for war. Each is armed with a bow

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    One of the biggest challenges being cited in air yeezy 2 the new report is the rapidly aging population in China."Obviously, this raises challenges on several facts. As urbanization increase in China, we face more pressure to ensure the efficient use of nature and energy resources and the development of its urban govern systems. It will want to ensure that there are jobs, the transports, the housing, the basic social services, the security of the urban citizens, and we want to protect the livelihoods of migrant workers. And we also will be the other challenges, relating to the aging population, the structure transformation of the economy, and the air and water pollution."The report also suggests the scale and speed of China’s urbanization jordan oreo is expected to continue at its current pace for the next two decades.Helen Clark headed the UN team which helped compile the data."In order to make the urban development more sustainable, the urban government, the enterprises and citizens should do their own Jordan GS efforts on various aspects, such as urban planning, urban management, and production and consumption behavior and so on. If we ignored this, the capacity of the environment is likely to further beyond bearing, this impact is not only the problem of unlivable, and it will affect the economic jordan doernbecher and social development."���ԣ� ���µ�ַ: National Development and Reform Commission deputy director Xie Zhenhua attended the ceremony.For , I’m Lucy Du.By 2030 that number is likely to surpass one billion.The Human has been co-published by the UN Development Program and Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.The report notes 52.6 percent of the people in this country lived in cities as of last year.He says air yeezy 2 a new sustainable development plan is what’s needed for the urban jordan bordeaux areas of jordan sneakers China.Today, over 710 million people in jordan flight 45 China live in cities and towns."We jordan oreo need to be people-centered. It jordan noir is more about the urbanization of the people. We need to gradually motivate the migration of rural population and fair distribution of public resources, and let rural and urban residents equally benefit from our economic growth."He says development here in China needs to be quality, and not just fast.Pan Jiahua is with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the chief editor of the new report.Xie <a href="http://www.prjordangoo

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    Postural, joint and muscular problems pinpointed to necks,barbour sale, backs,hollister, hips and knees are on the increase amongst the British workforce. These problems could be attributed to poor seating posture, lack of movement in the office and inappropriate office furniture.

    A survey recently published by Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (CSP) revealed that as many as one in four employees work non-stop throughout the day and many of us work through most of our lunch break. Furthermore, a Deskbound survey uncovered that 60% of the British workforce work more than their contracted hours, 36% suffer from bad posture and 57% suffer from backache.
    In 2008 a joint study between researchers in Southampton and New Zealand provided evidence that long hours at the desk represents a similar risk of potentially fatal blood clots as long distance travel,barbour outlet.

    These facts and figures speak for themselves and stress the urgency in employees introducing changes and incentives that could improve staff health. At the end of the day,isabel marant sneakers, bad backs and other problems arising from poor posture will decrease productivity.

    Interestingly enough the Deskbound survey also reveals that only 36% of employers provide ‘comfortable’ chairs for their employees and 70% of office staff would like more say in their office furniture.

    Steps to reduce work related health problems

    Short Breaks

    Strain from desk bound work could be easily avoided with frequent short brakes away from the desk. Apart from having a positive impact on your body,doudoune parajumpers, shorter breaks also stimulates the brain.

    Office Furniture

    Osteopaths are urging employers to look over their office furniture and wherever possible invest in appropriate ergonomic office chairs and desks that will protect their workforce against injuries and back problems. BT Office agrees with this and stresses the importance for employees to fully understand how their office chair operates.


    Office staff needs to make sure to move about frequently during the day; stretch the body,air jordan, take a detour on the way to the kitchen,hollister france, meeting room or printer. With a wireless headset or a portable tele

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    "The monks came here, started a monastery here in 1899 and they’ve had a farm right from the beginning. It was a way of raising our own food," he says. "In the early days, everybody had beef cattle and dairy cattle. But now, in recent years, we’re selling most of the cows or the calves. We still butcher our own, but we don’t butcher very many. So, it is a source of income for the abbey." – J. KentLosing the family business – J. KentBrother Placid Gross has been the main wrangler for the black Angus jordan spizike herd almost since he arrived air yeezy 2 at the abbey in 1957.South Dakota rancher Marv Kammerer lives on the ranch his family first settled in the 1880s.Kammerer feels fortunate that five of his seven children followed him into ranching, but says that’s not the norm."It’s people willing to do the work, knowing how to do the work. It almost requires somebody who was raised on a farm. I mean, you can learn the work, but you’ve really got to have an interest in it. And we just don’t have enough young people who are really interested in that kind of work."Alex Romero-Frederick, who runs a small ranch on the Rosebud Sioux Reservation with her husband, feels the squeeze.Rancher shortageLakota rancher Alex Romero-Frederick is concerned about the future of family ranching. jordan flight 45 ���ԣ� ���µ�ַ: There’s a chill in the air as high plains winds beat against jordan bordeaux the walls of Assumption Abbey. The Benedictine monastery stands like a great stone fortress at the edge of the small town of Richardton, North Dakota.A shortage of young ranchers isn’t just a problem for the monks in North jordan chaussures Dakota.The number of cattle operations in South Dakota has dropped by more than 13,000 since 1980, according to R-CALF USA, a national stockgrowers association.Inside, sounds of the daily activities of 25 monks – singing, prayer and conversation – fill the air. There are also sounds not usually associated air yeezy 2 with the Catholic Church."We’re losing the family ranching business," she says. "The next generation takes over after the other generation retires and I’m not seeing that anymore. And it’s kind of scary. I mean, are my kids going to do it? Did I instill in them the right stuff to want to take over after I’m gone?""We’ve got the average age of the farmer/rancher in the Upper Great Plains as 58-

  43. yanyandenny says:

    ����Ȼ���ɲ�������ʵ�ϣ����ͷ�Դ�ʱ�Ѿ��������ˡ�������Ӥ�����Ը���ι��ҩ��ҩ���ܿ�����Ч������ҽ��˵���������С�һ���뻽ƽϢ�ˣ����ΰ��Ť��Ҳ��ֹͣ�ˣ�����һ�������󲡶���ʹ��֮��߼����������ؽ��������硣��ҽ�������Ե�֮�����ˣ����̽����ĸ�׵ģ�����ϸ���桢ר����־��Ϊ�����������۲�����۾�——��Ķ��ӱ��������Ϥ����ʱȴİ�����ᣬֻ��������Ķ��鴤�ˣ��ս���——���������ؽ�������ϣ���ʼ������һ��ҩ��“��Ȼ�������ҵ����ӣ���Ҫ�����������һ�㣬”��ѧ�߼���˵��“��ʼ�ղ�Фй¶��ļ���Ǿ�ҲΪ�ұ��ܰɣ���ط�û����ʶ�ҡ���Բ�Ҫ���κ���¶һ��ڷ磬˵����������ɷ�����ڵ����������Ұ�����Ҫ�����ҵ�������Ϊ�ڱ�ĵط���Ҳ��һ��Ʈ���ߣ������˵���Ȥ�����������ҷ�����һ��Ů�ˡ�һ�����ˡ�һ�����ӣ��Һ�����֮�����������ܵ���ϵ�������ǰ����Ǻޣ�Ҳ�����ǶԻ��Ǵ?�������ˣ���˿��·�������������ҡ������Ķ������Ķ��ҵļҾͰ����Ķ�������й¶��ȥ��”"Hester," said he, "I ask not wherefore, nor how, thou hast fallen into the pit, or say, rather, thou hast ascended to the pedestal of infamy, on which I found thee. The reason is not far to seek. It was my folly, and thy weakness. I- a man of thought- the bookworm of great libraries- a man already in decay, having given my best years to feed the hungry dream of knowledge- what had I to do with youth and beauty like thine own! Misshapen from my birth-hour, how could I delude myself with the idea that intellectual gifts might veil physical deformity in a young girl’s fantasy! Men call me wise. If sages were ever wise in their own behoof, I might have foreseen all this. I might have known that, as I came out of the vast and dismal forest, and entered this settlement of Christian men, the very first object to meet my eyes would be thyself, Hester Prynne, standing up, a statue of ignominy, before the people. Nay, from the moment when we came down the old churchsteps together, a married pair, I might have beheld the bale-fire of that scarlet letter blazing at the end of our path!" jordan sneakers "Thou knowest," said Hester- for, depressed as she was, she could not endure this last quiet stab at the token of her shame- "thou knowest that I was frank with thee. I felt no love, nor feigned any." "True," replied he. "It was my folly! I have said it.Closely following the jailer into the dismal apartment, appeared that air yeezy 2 individual of singular aspect, whose presence in the crowd had been of such deep interest to the wearer of the scarlet letter. He was lodged in the prison, not as suspected of any offence, but as the most convenient and suitable mode of disposing of him, until the magistrates should have conferred with the Indian sagamores respecting his ransom. His name was announced as Roger Chillingworth. The jailer, after ushering him into the room, remained a moment, marvelling at the comparative quiet that followed his entrance; for Hester Prynne had immediately become as still as death, although the child continued to moan.“��ΪʲôҪ�����أ

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    A big package of financial sector reforms has been launched by India’s high-profile new air yeezy 2 central bank chief as the country battles a currency crisis and slowdown in economic growth.With the rupee having fallen close to its record low against the dollar earlier in jordan chaussures the day, Mr Rajan acknowledged that times were hard and that some of his actions would be unpopular, but said the central bank job was not meant to win votes or “likes” on Facebook.He also suggested an easing of jordan oreo “priority sector lending requirements” that oblige banks to lend to farmers and small businesses, and said there was a need to reduce the requirement for banks to invest in government bonds so as to free credit for productive parts of the economy. ���ԣ� ���µ�ַ: jordan doernbecher On his first day at the helm of the Reserve Bank of India, Raghuram Rajan unveiled a series of moves to liberalise banking and spread services across the nation of 1.3bn people.The measures announced by Mr Rajan – who will make his first substantial statement on monetary policy in two weeks – are aimed at freeing India’s banks from the web of state controls that have stifled the sector since independence in 1947. One aim is to bring financial services to the poor for the ultimate benefit of the economy as a whole.The RBI governor added: “There are so many low-hanging fruit in the economy that if we only pluck them jordan spizike we can accelerate growth substantially.”Indian banks will no longer have to receive RBI permission for each branch they want to open, though they will still be obliged to open branches in jordan sneakers underserved rural areas in proportion to their expansion in the cities, Mr Rajan said.“The Indian public Jordan GS would benefit from more competition between banks, and banks would benefit from more freedom in decision-making,” he said.“It involves considerable change, and change is risky,” jordan noir said the former chief economist of the International Monetary Fund. “But as India develops, not changing is even riskier.”Mr Rajan said he expected to announce a round of new bank licences early next year, added that further licences jordan flight 45 would follow, and confirmed that jordan noir foreign banks would be encouraged to operate in India as wholly owned subsidiaries that would enjoy “near national” treatment on a reciprocal basis. jordan oreo He won a reputation as an economist for having warned of the financial risks t

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    On February 5, visitors queued up in a 200-meter long line waiting for check-in jordan oreo to the museum Jordan GS around 10 a.m."I changed my mind and got off the bus on my way to a temple air yeezy 2 fair. My jordan noir children and I want Jordan GS to see some elegant art works, as opposed to eating and playing during Spring Festival as before," said another citizen named Lu Hongmao.Wang Xiumei, 86, decided to visit the museum with her daughter ten days before.On jordan oreo February 4, official statistics showed that 40,000 tourists swarmed into the Palace Museum, repeating the number from last year’ s national holiday, while about 14,500 ski-lovers enjoyed their time at 14 ski resorts in Beijing on the same day.Hundreds of the nation’ s art works are displayed in a dozen halls in the five-storey exhibition area, including oil paintings, ink paintings, wood block prints, shadow puppets, paper cuttings, clay jordan sneakers sculptures and embroideries.Big cities like jordan spizike Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou opened their sports venues to the public during the Spring Festival holiday.BEIJING, Feb. 5 jordan doernbecher (Xinhua) – Beijing has seen the arrival of 660,000 tourists during the first three days of the Spring Festival holiday, from Feb. jordan bordeaux 2 to 4, said Beijing Municipal Bureau of Tourism officials late Friday.Not only scenic spots, tourists also gravitated to some cultural venues in Beijing.The tourism data was collected at the city’ s 22 jordan flight 45 scenic spots.The Beijing-based National Art Museum of China holds an exhibition on "donated masterpieces over the past 50 years (since its completion in 1952)" from Jan. 27 to Feb. 26 and spectators can visit, free of charge, during the Spring Festival holiday (between Feb. jordan chaussures 3 and 9)."My husband and I were crazy about air yeezy 2 traditional Chinese paintings decades ago, I have to see some masterpieces today, rather than hearing about them later." Wang said.

  46. lucyone007 says:

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