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I’m terrible with the Bajan terms but I thought to try. Here are some of the ones that come to mind immediately which I will share with you in my usual format. I am sure you have lots to add to these, so please do. Careful, don’t be inappropriate


These Good Old Bajan Words, Just A Few


The Bajan language can
bring great uncertainties

How we pronounce our
vernacular has many ambiguities

Expletives and wufless
language I will deliberately leave out

Some uh dem too nasty tah
lef any body mout

Elder bruddah sah ah’tal but he


Got no more inches taller
than short old me

One should be careful cause
giving yah muddah
back talk

Only lands you a mobahtun uh blows and afterward yah’l hardly walk

Don’t gey nah back
either cause dah ez the same


One word of back anything
‘aint bout the anatomy and will inflame

Lickmout Lou wuddah tell
you to
back stab a man

Did one of the worse things
and involve nah knife impaling a Bajan


Bahriffle uh things can
overwhelm you

A moth is a bat and a bat, well I wish I knew

Jipsy people aint nuttin
tah do wid travelers on the road

A duppy is scary and a crappoe
is a toad

Now cat boil don’t mean we eat feline meat


Wahlossie dah ez just a sty
pon yah eye, nuttin tah eat

Oh lordie a bubbi is breast but suck-a-bubbi aint rude

Right cuff is a punch but cuffin
is somersaulting, nothing crude

Dooflicky, catspradle, mawfrie, kuhfuffle,

Sahmany funny words whose
etymology is a riddle


Just sitting

Under Bajan parlance yah
might be
Cocking up and int got nah

Somebody tell you, yah
getting a

There aint nah band coming
soon but friend be warn’


And Cheese-on-bread is not part of yah menu


Fellah behaving disgusting
and we say he getting on like a

Every food implications
biscuit – cap of the knee

We cuh blistah you wid others but dah can tek an eternity