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What I am today has much to do with who my ancestors were and what they chose to do back then. We have varying accounts of our past and often we have to take the historians word for it but this thing is sure, no historian need tell you about your personality and therefore what your forefather did to mould you this way. We have lots that we might learn from the forefathers, for although they were generally planters, they managed to raise the diversities which we now know


Our Brave Forefathers Sowed The Seed


Over the island in pockets all around

Utility poles flank where villages are found

Rose hedges and white picket fences sculpt each neighborhood

Big open pastures and fields planted wherever they could

Rural districts are separate from the bustling cities

And the dialect is spoken with quaint diversities

Versions that may have originated from the Irish

Enriched slangs now specific to people of each parish

Factories that used to process sugar cane

Once depended mostly on its export for gain

Reaped by field workers by the sweat of their brow

Extractors and harvesting machines are mainly used now

Farmers now greatly diversify

All of their produce are prepared for locals to buy

Though loyal to their land they taught their offspring

How important it was to get good schooling

Education was to be the source of stability

Religion the foundation of a balance personality

Schools were erected to fill this need

Societies grew more academic than just being able to read

On days in the week all children attended schoo

Weekends were for church where they learnt the golden rule

Exceptions were few but these few would continue

Doing agriculture from which greatness grew

The forefathers by accident or intentionally

Had planted the seeds of this society

Every division throughout from Z back to A

Shows an interrelation that makes our people today

Efficient from within the small groups and spread out

Every seed planted to reap faith and no doubt

Did well to ensure our successes and that we got what we need

Success because Our Great Forefathers Sowed The Seed