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When Roses Bloom

Posted: August 23, 2010 in Happy Birthday Rose Bud

Today is the Birthday of another one of those very special people who were born on this day some years ago. Recently I started respecting the need to keep your name hush. I did for many years because it was necessary if people were to take me seriously. Now, I have seen people who are half my age behaving as mature as I am.

When Roses Bloom

With an earnest heart I pray that she

Has the many blessings God promised will be

Everyone’s who lives in a righteous way

Never yielding to temptation and His word obey

Roses are but one, oh so many and neither science or sorcery

Or any means known to man can create God’s beauty

Such wonders He gave us and promises in time

Even mightier things would be prime

So for her my sister in Christ and true friend

Because she will endure to the end

Let her know as she walks your righteous path

On you Lord she can trust and be spared your wrath

Oh friend as that heart beats inside you I offer this pray

May your Birthday be blessed and better each progressive Birthday

Here is your Birthday Card