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Don’t Want Another Man

Posted: November 3, 2010 in Facebook, In the News

I read a post from one of the facebook friends and she was great. She expressed the worst beating ever. I was very impressed with it and moved to write the following acrostic.


Don’t Want Another Man


violence would take a back seat

On the viciousness
I experienced at his feet

Never were
there blows so fast and furious

There is
no reason why they do this to us


We always
stepped aside to dodged their blows

All their
fury and gust and  who knows

Not once
having done a deserving deed

To be so
brutally battered like a herd in stampede


And then a
blow that out my lights

No blow
like this even in the worse of fights

One blow
again and the water out

The tears were
flowing but that was the only water about

He cut my
communication, stopped my calls

destroyed the buildings, their roofs and walls

though not as bad as from Katrina, Ivan, David and Gilbert


brutal siblings that wreaked havoc and cause greater hurt

And so I hope
Tomas was last of Mother Nature’s plan

No more
for me Barbados,
I Don’t
Want Another Man





Bajans Didn’t Like To Mas

Posted: October 31, 2010 in In the News

We all have our own experiences of this storm Tomas which tore through the island of Barbados early Saturday morning Oct 30 at approximately 2:00 am, exactly 7 days after the lost of our Prime Minister. There may be no significance to this but these two marks on history’s page will forever be tragedies upon the people of Barbados


Bajans Didn’t Like To Mas


By Friday
evening we were told

A storm
was approaching put yah plans on hold

Just after
work the signs were there

A dark
stillness enveloped the air

No birds
in the evening sky

Settled in
early and so did I


hear much until the flap of a blind

I got up
at 3 am and then to find

and howling winds all around

Never saw
so much debris on the ground

There were
branches and galvanized sheets


trash cans rolling down the streets

I saw in a
distance a torn roof

watching from my window for this damning proof

is generally safe but not immune


howled at 75mph with his destructive tune

Our homes
destroyed, trees fallen and roads blocked


utilities off and a nation shocked

All so
soon after our leader was snatched away

Storm Tomas
one week afterwards woke me to another sorrowful day




And Who Will You Kill Today

Posted: October 21, 2010 in In the News

campaign goes on and I continue to be inspired by the promotion. I wrote
earlier but then this afternoon I heard another theme that was equally as
emotive. The local group is recommending that we start putting white crosses on
the highway at the areas where there was a death.


And Who Will You Kill Today


Awoke this
morning with lots on my mind

unfinished tasks, I had fallen behind

take my breakfast, there was no time to eat


running late, this morning I had my bosses to meet

into the car, turned it on and was off in a flash

Off so
quickly I hit the garbage bin but averted a crash


but straighten in time for a stop

waited all 10 seconds for the light to drop

Like a
drag racer I was away with screeching brakes

child jumped out my way, another of my mistakes


You see I was
eating a leftover sandwich from yesterday

One bite,
the insides dropped causing my eyes to stray

Used the
brakes to avoid hitting a lady who had stepped out


Keep your
eyes on the road, I heard her shout

I drove
recklessly, I know, trying to save time

Let my
haste force me into each traffic crime

Lifted my
phone to text and let my assistant know


That I was
running 5 minutes late and don’t let the boss go

Oops, I’d
missed a red light and barely missed a bike

regain control and struck a car that mine is alike

And we
both somersaulted then the other car spun on its roof

You asked
And Who will You Kill Today, I say me, here’s my proof





If Only I Wasn’t

Posted: October 20, 2010 in In the News

TheCampaign “If Only” caught my ear and apparently stimulated me to write too. Iused to drive fast, too fast and always believed I was in control. So manyothers think the same too. In truth, the Lord was in control and made sure thatI was protected from killing myself or any other. I know now how really stupidit is to take the unnecessary risk.


If Only I Wasn’t


I never
intended to, but because of me

Far too
many were killed needlessly 


that car was one of my stupid mistakes

Never knew
my car had such faulty brakes 

child was on the zebra crossing but I didn’t see her

You see, I
should have left my nails and polish them later


I was
going too fast and ran a red light


We were
fooling around and I didn’t see the lady in white

All those
text messages weren’t urgent, why didn’t I wait  

have saved the food for home still I drove and ate

accidents happen each day with a handful of survivors

and careless,
If Only I
one of the delinquent




Love Medicine Miracles

Posted: October 15, 2010 in Facebook, In the News, Living With

There isno greater healer than our Lord and God and when the medical fraternityunderstands this their potential to heal is even greater. I was reassured whenmy doctor once suggested that I pray at a time when all else was in thebalance. I am happy to be here today to report that crisis is no longer animmediate threat. He is the physician who now has most of my trust of allearthly men. For the real serious stuff I consult the greatest of allphysicians. With His Love He direct all others with the Medicine to make hisMiracles our reality.


Love Medicine Miracles


Lord our
God you are to us

strength and salvation and thus

times we turn even more to you

pray and know our prayers will come through


My God, my
savior, my Father and friend

Every day
I’ll pray to you and on you I’ll depend

may trouble the body but need never touch the soul

If in you I
trust and have faith and give you control

Caring God
you gave us the freedom of choice

In times
you hear us even before we can voice

desires, wants, wishes and prayers

choice we made you’ve been there over the years


My friend
chose a path from a very young boy

In front
to lead and our dragons destroy

Raised his
hand for justice and served your will

And now
his steps are slowed his body is ill

Come to
his rescue Lord his choice was a difficult one

Lord he
understood what was required and as his office begun

services he held that you could direct his way

So Lord be
his strength and salvation, heal him today





Never a “t”uncrossed nor an “i” not dotted. Our Prime Minister has always kept a watchfuleye on things that will affect those in his care. When he said close friend andconfidant I am very clear what he means. His is a true friend and has alwaysbeen a confidant.


       Dear Loving People of St John


Did you read his letter, did you feel like me

Engrossed in his manner, wrapped in his sincerity

And did you fall to your knees to pray

Right away asking the Lord to cleanse him, today


Looking back it was since ’87 that he represented St John

Over 23 years shared drinks, jokes, visit homes, churches and took on  

Very many roles and still had time to relax

In the parish with his constituents who he enjoyed the max

Not enough to just speak through his addresses to the country

Got too strong a bond from face to face visits in his constituency


Personalize letter he hoped would better suffice

Even though page limitations forced him to be concise

On hard courts at Gall Hill, on the streets of Cherry Grove

Places like Society, Venture, Edgehill and where he drove

Like Massiah Street, Mount Tabor and Wilson Hill

Eagerly he hope to do it all over again and pray it’s God’s will


Our PM promised St John “I am yours and you are mine”

Faithfully selecting deputies to continue his design


St JohnBe comforted in the knowledge that” in his difficulty

This experience has brought him much closer to the Almighty

Join together and continue your prayers for God has smiled

One day He will “bless …every family of St John; each and every child

He remains not just our caring Prime Minister to the very end

No, he is our dedicated representative, confidant and true friend.




Psalms 23
is a very familiar one to most. We all learned it at school or at church
reciting it regularly until we committed it to memory. I was careful not to say
knew it by heart because I am one of those kids that never really understood
what I was saying.


The LORD Is Our Shepherd


That means
He watches over me and you

He watches
over everyone, our Prime Minister too

can be ours, we lack for naught


Lays His
abundance before us as the Word has thought

righteous paths He leads us for His name sake

our souls from what stress and illness make

lurks in the shadows that we may walk


In these
valleys we fear no evil, no rumor talk

Staff and
rod are there LORD to comfort us all


On you
LORD we wait because you come when we call

weakened times as he lays his head

Rumors of
the Prime Minister take root and start to spread


dangerous words devised to impede those who pray

Has no
effect because such weapons forged will wither away

abound but in their presence you Lord faithfully

Prepare a
place of solace for those who live righteously

His head
you have anointed Father and his cup runs over

Every day
you’ll bless our PM until clearing the cancer

Rid of its
threat and benefiting from God’s goodness and mercy

in the house of the LORD for all eternity




Today I amassured that my old school friend and Prime Minister is comforted know that theLord is there by his side to guide him through this very dark time.  We do not know how the Lord does the things hedoes, it is beyond our understanding but we can have faith that what ever Hedoes is best done. 


One Set Of Footprints In The Sands


Our Father my friend promised faithfully

Not to stray from your path and you would loyally

Escort him through life’s troubles and fears


So he can lead his people for many years

Every turn he took I can see in the sands

That you walked side by side and guided with your hands


On this path he walks it’s the most difficult he has been

For this time the troubles are personal and deep within


Father you had promised to always stay

On the path with him and never walk away

Only it is disturbing what I see

There is only one set of footprints behind my old school buddy

Prime Minister of Barbados now wants you more

Return to him Father where you were before

I feel you walk with me everyday

Now walk too with my Prime Minister, all the way

This is the time he needs you the most

So Father please go to my friend and draw close


I don’t understand why you left him when he needs you near

Not when you promised him to always be there


Tell me Father what would make you go away

He is a generous, unselfish leader who prays every day

Even when he was most busy he followed you


Shared his revelations with close friends he knew

And so Father why, why are you not by his side too  

No, no my child, you don’t understand the thing I do

Don’t be troubled my child, the Prime Minister understands

See now I carry him there’s only One Set Of Footprints In The Sands




They werenot mere fleeting words but words of reassurance to His most faithful, to hisstrongest believers. Yet even as He spoke with them there were still questions thatshowed their uncertainties. We understand why you then are uncertain, you didn’twitness the miracle they did and still hd doubts. But friend some choices areclear, do nothing and get nothing or do something and open the possibility thatthe Father can help.


If yeshall ask any thing in my name, I will do it



Ask Any Thing In My Name I Will Do It


And Let
not your heart be troubled: ye

believe in God and believe also in me

Kingdom of
my Father has many mansions, one will be thine


And when I
go and prepare it for you, I’ll return that you’ll find

No place
you go I wouldn’t be there

You can
call on me any time, any where


Then He
said He is “the way, the truth, and the life”

He is God’s
mediator to man or woman even as husband and wife

If those
that were with Him were filled with doubt

Notice Thomas
and Philip questioned Him  to check
things out

Got ye no
faith after this time we had spent


In such
close togetherness and all the places we went

Nothing He
had done wasn’t done in the Father’s name


Me and the
Father are as good as one and the same

mankind has remained troubled in their work today


Notice how
many doubt yet kneel to pray

Ask any
thing in my name I will do it

Make your
requests to the Lord and then fully commit

Every trouble
you take to Him you can feel


It will be
made right just give Jesus the wheel


When you
prayer have faith that something will be done

If you
will trust in the Father then you have already won

Let not
your heart be troubled believe in He

Live in
faith, obedience and live righteously


Did you
pray that the Father heal our Prime Minister

Once you
had done your part sat back and encouraged no other


If you
want to help friends then to others admit

That Jesus
said “Ask any thing in my name, I will do it




It’s hard for me to understand the intricacies of Government and therefore I am not able to comment on the shifts in Ministerial portfolios and so I will leave that to those who can. My comment about the Prime Minister and my very dear friend is that I am very touched by the way he continues to put the interest of all Bajan foremost. His sincerity is astounding and his integrity top notch. My Acrostic is a collection of some of the phrases he used that thrilled me and made me very proud of him



Blessed Highly Favored Deeply Loved


Glorious legacy for our children is our aim

Renew our special relationship and reclaim

Every partnership
to build a better democracy

And a better Barbados this land
of Sun and sea

Together we can uphold each other
and build

Lord you’ve made our people
determined and well skilled

You who have responded with
overwhelming love



Brought your well wishes and prayed
to our Father above

Little can I return but deep
gratitude at best

Every one of you have made me feel
fully blessed

Seeing your compassion
towards me and my family 

Sharing your prayers and well wishes
for me

Even though I opted to broadcast and
not in live to televise

Didn’t want the portent of
my message
be deceived by your eyes


Have occasioned obvious weight loss from medication

I would rather… you… be concerned
about the message than
my manifestation

Got little control
over what will happen to us

How we respond to what happens is easier
and thus

Let me assure you that my family and

Yield to the medical teams here and
in New York
to comply


Fully cooperating, determined
to battle this illness

All that’s humanly possible is done
to arrest

Verily, fellow citizens we are humbly
recognizing that ultimately

Our future rests in
the hands of the Almighty

Recognizing this truth,
I continue to solicit

Everyone for your intercession and
and well wishes you submit

Divine Lord said to Paul “ power
is made perfect in weakness”


Dear Lord you are my, strength and
salvation, audibly I confess

Even now I am able
to rejoice in hope

Even now I can be gracious
through faith
to cope

Premier and people in fact all
in existence

Live times of
closeness and times of distance

You were appreciated in either
circumstance that came


Lets hope your
experience has been the same

Our energies must be refocused on
what is best for the island

Verbosities and actions wrapped in
the flag, with better brand 

Earnest prayers we’ll make for my
healing and another to Father above

Dear Father my fondest
wish for Barbadians
is they Unite and Love