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His Dash For Me

Posted: November 9, 2010 in Tributes

You may know of the DASH that separates our date of birth and our death on our tombstone and how, although it bears significance, is treated as if it is worth no more than the minus sign it resembles. A facebook friend asked that we look at the DASH again and I did

This is what  the DASH was to me


His Dash For Me


He was
born on Christmas day

In the
most loving time they say

So it was his


David, our
Prime Minister was meant to be

As he was,
living all his years

with others and quelling fears

He lived
his DASH trying to impart


First with his generous heart

Opened doors
for the downtrodden men

Risked all
to stop Violence and Crime from spreading


My Prime
Minister and yours lived his DASH fully

rights to all and dreamt of a Barbados with Love and Unity






The Tributes Given at His Alma Mater

Posted: November 7, 2010 in Tributes
The Combermerians had a night of tributes to their fallen comrade and the evening to all was incredible. They had a late start largely due to an accident on the stadium road that prevent passage and created gridlocks
 When they finally got started there was tributes that were sent in my mail and read by the MC and tributes in song, poetry, speeches, adlibs, orchestral the whole works. One sure thing was apart from the Hon. David J H Thompson being loved buy many, Combermerians are very talented.


The Tributes Given at His Alma Mater


postponed their function twice before

However they
decided for Friday 5, two hours pass four

came to sunny day but at twenty-five minutes after five

The rain
pour to threaten it again but plans stayed alive

earlier than expected he got on his way

In his car
with 15 minutes grace he was “pressing on” to pay

friend from his Alma Mater the final tributes

respect through the musical evening with oratory salutes

National Anthem was played with orchestral genius

sung the school, then a prayer and Peter welcomed us

Sung a
Hymn then remarks by the principal of the school’s parlance

Got a
duet, the choir then Charlie spoke of his “zero tolerance”

and historical and mostly

comical, like good old Charlie

followed from David’s much spoke of Rastafari

advice to the family and poetry far better than I

A vocal
solo, an extraordinary violin solo then the orchestra again

from Janice then from Neville a most hilarious showing

imitated Charlie as David would often request

It was
spot on and his tribute gut wrenching, the best

another Hymn then a Gaye and Stephen duet

rendition unmatched by some of the best artistes yet

Lawrence sung after the orchestra played

Mark had a
crisp steel pan solo after Mrs Pile relayed

All the
old time secrets of what might have been the drive

folk run to the ISCF and keeping traditions live

excellent Solo by Paula then  solos by Andreen
and Dionne

The sung
another hymn, prayed and the school song

President, MC thanked us, he had read two of my pieces too

Raised the
Anthem and finally I felt closure to the man I knew




Farewell To The Prime Minister

Posted: November 4, 2010 in Tributes

Farewell to a true friend and great person who brought happiness to many of his friends, family and the people of Barbados. This prime Minister served as Prime Minister only 2 years but he brought more change in the short space of time than others in full terms. The Hon. David J H Thompson has left a great legacy and the people of Barbados say thank you.


Farewell To The Prime Minister


Father you
gave him and soon you took him away

And there are
questions what these actions say

Reactions are
generally the same tune

thinks he is gone to soon

When such
a special person dies

will be the peoples’ cries

Lord you
know this man that all came to know

Loved one,
leader, confidant and friend they didn’t want to go


This time is
and any other would be, hard to bear

Only you
Father knew the time he’d leave here


To this
end we say a fond farewell

He served
the people outstandingly and from what they can tell

was the service he gave to you

his all to help others meant he was helping you too

Righting wrongs
against the downtrodden and giving them a chance

endless time to make Families First his stance

Made you
Father his guide when uncertainty was ahead

inauguration and religion widespread

trusted him and their constituents too

In his own
St. John he
was loved by many and all he knew

he preached and that the people be as one

strains will ease he said if we’d better get along

Shared his
dream of a people who lived with love and unity

There is
so much he left as his legacy

merciful Father my people wish to give him this final adieu

Rest In
Peace Mr. Prime Minister, Barbados
says Farewell to you




Don’t Panic Bim

Posted: November 4, 2010 in Tributes

The island said farewell today to one of its greatest treasures, the Hon. David J H Thompson, the Prime Minister of Barbados. We did so with a celebration of his life as it was eulogized by two of his very close friends Brian Clarke and Hartley Henry. One of “Thompy’s” pet phrases was Don’t Panic and oh too often we heard it around the time we most needed to.


Don’t Panic Bim


Dear Lord
you took his body today

Our time
with him is over though the memories will stay

can take them away from us

Father for giving him to Barbados


People may
say his term wasn’t long

And that
he left without righting the wrong

No, not
true, tens of thousands have hope because he

his time while devoted to friend and family

enough to set standards others may emulate


Built us
into firm craftsmen of our fate

I see all
his work and all we owe to him

Mostly I hear
him whispering
Panic Bim



The Best is that I not only have good memories of my friend but that I can continue to live the dream that he had for us all, to put family first. The worst that can happen is that his legacy fades with time. In life my friend was greater, in death he shall be might


Hope For The Best Prepare For The


Hold me to
your bosom my God, I feel to cry

Our dear
leader, confidant and friend, why did he die

Ministers are not supposed to go like this, are they?

though others died, why did he have to pass away


dear friend you taught me

One must
never put anything before family

assure that I don’t but I feel like we are one


Today they
buried you and it’s hard to believe you’re gone

Hard to
let go of the memories we share

Every year
we spent together while at Combermere


But today
you left to go to God’s promised place

of life wearing a smile on your face

Somehow I
know you are better off so I must let go

This Paradise you are off to you deserve it I know


have been hearing of your many attributes

you were as comfortable with royalty as with grassroots

has seen the treasure we knew

Pleased to
learn your friendships were all true

And they
tried to compress your life in two eulogies  

personal from Brian and Hartley, professional qualities

are limited to time governed by organizers designs


For us to
speak of your life we’ll need more than these lines

Our words
can never summarize the magnitude of your heart

Recall the
essence of the intensions you had from the start


were all great but they would need be

Having to
describe individual perspectives truthfully

we all had with this loyal friend


Were immeasurable,
and fully extend

years, age, creed and always too

political affiliations, whatever he loved you

So long
dear leader, confidant and friend

Today we
say farewell but our memories shall never end




They Couldn’t Contain The Tears

Posted: October 29, 2010 in Tributes

I just got back from the viewing the body of my Prime Minister and long time friend and I am not sure that this I had closure. I saw too many people there that were concerned about me, it distracted me from what I went to do and their sorrow started me thinking of times gone by and faces I once knew and I was lost it the passage of time.


They Couldn’t Contain The Tears


The somber mood was set the skies were gray

Had a stillness that enveloped this sorrowful day

Eyes hazed and features distorted with grief

You could sense the denial, the disbelief


Combermerians young and Combermerians old

On this day lived their saddest told

Unsure how and didn’t care why

Life should not be denied so soon from such a needed guy

Darker grew the day and redder the eyes

Nothing is as hard as when such a loved soul dies

The soldiers were braced with their heads bowed


Couldn’t pay any attention to the mourning crowd

Once I got there I looked but couldn’t see

Not with my friend so far away from me

They didn’t consider those with fading sight

And I stared for a while just hoping I might

In a moment revert to my youthfulness

Notice his face and his final dress


The moment never came but all the same

He was there I know it though he couldn‘t answer his name

Eyes close and then I said a prayer


Take my friend to Paradise Lord and soon I’ll be there

Everything and everyone sparked a memory

A day of happiness and laughter held deep inside of me

Released from where I kept it all of these years

Suddenly the clouds burst They Couldn’t Contain The Tears






Time To Say Goodbye

Posted: October 29, 2010 in Tributes

Today I will brave my emotions and the horror of clothing to spend just one last chance with my friend’s body. I know that it is only a shell and that his soul has long left but like a picture of memories, his body will bring the nostalgia of many years together and closure that he no longer is. Today I will see him for the last as he lies resting. Farewell my Prime Minister, the Honorable David John Howard Thompson.  


Time To Say Goodbye


The body of my friend will be at Combermere

I will go to view him while he lays there

Many others too will come to say their final goodbyes

Every old scholar in shades to cover red, swollen eyes


Take his soul Lord and leave these frail remains

Our sorrow has left a trail of teardrop stains


Showing the path to where his body will reside

A sanctuary we will hold sacred for all far and wide

Your faithful servant while he was here


Gave his all to all and quelled your people’s fear

Our lives are the better to have known this great

Our tears fall profusely but his life we celebrate

Dear Lord our leader, love one, confidant and friend

Bravely battled his enemy right to the very end

You were there Lord with him, you knew he needed to try

Embrace his soul for eternity as we take Time To Say Good-bye


Please see this Card



The One The Leader Our Friend

Posted: October 28, 2010 in Facebook, Tributes

Thanks to Kim from facebook I was moved to write again about our Prime Minister, The One, The leader, Our friend. I will be first to apologize if my writing becomes repetitious but I am feeling the same remorse and the tears do not change nor does he. My words flow like tear drops and wet the page to form the acrostic poems.


The One The Leader Our Friend


country mourns I feel its pain

David Thompson shall never smile again

Every one
in my home is sorrowful and cries


Openly, we
never had chance to say our good-byes

Never took
the time to remind him that we feel

bless because he was at the wheel


This ship
was sinking but he was plugging the holes

He mended so
much in two years when he assumed his roles

serving the people and always he


away the trivial and focused on duty

those around him to do the same

Always he
lead to help and not for glory and fame

stray from his promises but may practically delay

until he thought we had reached a more suitable day

our Prime Minister I close my eyes and see


special leader with astute ability

design and unmatched protocol

our Prime Minister I admire his recall


Friend to
all and would turn away none

Rose to
each challenge and worked until it was done

I was privileged
to call the Prime Minister my buddy

Ever since
our Alma Mater and we continued faithfully

Nothing in
life separated him from loyalty and although life may end  

shall not separate us from The One, The Leader, Our Friend.




The Healing Has Begun

Posted: October 25, 2010 in Facebook, Tributes

Thanks to a facebook friend we got to learn  what the service was like as the celebrated the life of our Prime Minister. The turn out was great but hat is most remarkable is that the well wishers are not daunted by the out come of their prayers but see that God is in charge.


The Healing Has Begun


perhaps came to the Hard Courts at Gall Hill

planned to be well wishers, the PM was ill

Except the
radio played solemn music, the nation cried


declared a few days earlier the PM had died

gathering to celebrate his life

All his
colleagues present, his family, children and wife

although snatched away while still young

In a short
time he was great, so we celebrated as we sung

hymns like “His Eye Is On The Sparrow”

encouragement to walk the straight and narrow


How great
to hear “It Is Well With My Soul”

A hymn of
great solace to give God His control

“Great Is Thy Faithfulness” and “How great Thou Art”


“How Great Is Our God” from the very start

was comforted as Sen. Rev. David Durant confirmed

God Is In
Charged and the PM’s salvation was reaffirmed

Under a solemn
occasion but angels seemed to be everywhere

Now I know
Joy was correct when she said “Real love will be there.”




Myopinions may appear bias but they are shared by thousands, the Hon. David J HThompson was a great Prime Minister, Leader, Confidant and friend. His astute knowledgeand fervent wit made him loved by most. Our PM was a very caring man whoremembered the strangest details about his pass encounters and was able to usethis fantastic memory to answer the needs of many, in his time and unprompted.Politics and righteousness make strange bed fellows but if ever there was anexception our PM was it.


Tribute To The Honorable David Thompson


Tears fell profusely from our eyes and the clouds cried too

Reacting to the news of his final adieu

In the wee hours of the morning death came

By his side was his mom and wife and his kids the same

Ultimately our lives are in God’s hands

To go to Him when He quietly commands

Eternity of peace awaits those who


Trust in the Lord and will righteously too

Obey His word, enduring to the end


This was our Prime Minister, our confidant and friend

He aspired for greatness from when he was a child

Enthusiasm, integrity, knowledge and many qualities compiled


Had shaped his character and made an incredible man

Only those who cared to listen understood his plan

No other leader here advocated family first

Or focused on preventing youths headed from bad to worst

Regally he walked through the corridors of time

And made no excuse of focusing on Violence and Crime

Barbados is a great nation and its preservation would be

Lasting if we center our attention first on family

Every home a scholar, sure, but first make each house a home


Don’t want a Barbados of houses where emotions roam

Assault and battery, doubts and screams

Violence so rampant and so many lost dreams

Incredible to know a leader so young and wise

Did all to help our nation even when faced with his demise


Tears are falling again as I write

How hard to accept he has lost this fight

Only because I knew him always to win

Most challenges he was faced with, every battle he was in

Prime Minister and leader, confidant and friend

Smiled as he walked into the light, as he knew life will end

Our Father, Great Is Thy Faithfulness, How Great Thou Art

Now to Paradise you’ve taken our leader, when you stilled his heart


A Sympathy Card