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Tribute To Our Friend Thompy

Posted: October 25, 2010 in Tributes

The OldScholars of Combermere School celebrate a week of activities usually aroundthis time. This year the death of our Prime Minister the Hon. David J HThompson has thrown us into a more sorrowful mood and as a show of respect theactivities have been generally given way to more sobering and solemn events. Iwill like to join all of the Combermerians and express my deepest sympathy tothe Family and Friends, to all Barbadosand all those affected by the passing of our beloved “Thompy” 


Tribute To Our Friend Thompy


Thompy, he was affectionately called by all

Remembered every meeting and would lucidly recall

Incidents we had forgotten, so vividly

Brought them back to our recollect often passionately

Used to be very humorous and always started the fun

There were side splitting jokes when ever he begun

Early times that I do recall while at school


Thompy arrived first on mornings as his personal rule

Opened the gate with the keys from the head


Once done he returned the keys and off he sped

Upstairs, the balcony, any where until

Ringing of the school bell started the morning drill


Floors and corridors busy as we rushed to prayers

Ringing bell again and Thompy officiated both up and downstairs

I didn’t see him playing games but he cheered every match

Every set of new students he greeted, every batch

Never joined the cadets or joined the scouts

Didn’t matter because Thompy was there at their camp outs


The Thompy we knew was full of fun

He was calm and collected, didn’t tan in the sun

Opened his heart to let all people in

Made us feel like we belong and that we were all akin

Politics may have adopted him but he made politicians agree

Youth are vital, Family First and we must live with Love, Peace and Unity


A Sympathy Card





He’s Gone Too Soon

Posted: October 23, 2010 in Tributes

I’ll saygood-bye to my dear friend with the expectation that one day again we will meetin a place where there is no further pain or sorrow. We all have a role to playwhile we are here and from a very young age my friend contributed more thatmost people decades older. He has left and incredible legacy and I was alwaysglad to be a part of his life.


He’s Gone Too Soon


Honorable David J H Thompson, the Prime Minister of Barbados

Expired peacefully and is no longer with us

Suffers no more with arduous pain


Gone Too Soon but his legacy will remain

Our Prime Minister was foremost a family man and friend

Never gave up his will to help others through to the end

Endured in faith and led us responsibly


Took time for all Bajans and especially

Our Prime Minister ruled among us, walked where we would

Over the lengths and breadths of each neighborhood


Showed us to treat each other like one big family

One nation of Love and Unity

Oh how it hurts that this great servant of the people is gone

Now we mourn He’s Gone Too Soon but his legacy will live on


A Sympathy Card




There wasvery sorrowful music when I turned the radio on this morning. I was encouragedby the strange comments from a friend that led me to believe the worse. I soonheard the voice of the former Prime Minister expressing her condolences and theword was final. My very close and dear friend, the Honorable David John Howard Thompson, Q.C M.P , the Prime Minister of Barbados died early this morning at2:10 am. My deepest sympathies to his wife and children, his mother and father,his siblings and other family members, his colleague in the DLP, friends localand abroad and all the other people of Barbados.


I Was Asleep When My Dear Friend Passed


I remember my old Combermerian schoolmate


Who loved to argue and would fervently debate

And had a gift to candidly recall

Specifics we’d forgotten, he remembered them all


A long time ago we entered the Waterford School

Some of us were nervous but he remained cool

Like he knew he was just taking another step

Exceptionally calm and one day after prep

Even though we’d not been introduced, he came to me

Politely exchanged details and from that day we


Were more than classmates we became friends

He demonstrated very maturely that his path depends

Everyday on the careful and calm steps he makes

Not on the blunders but how he rose from his mistakes


More mature than any other boy in the classes

Yet he respected the opinions of us lowly masses


Didn’t play many games his focus was the literary

Education was like a food he gormandized lavishly

And my friend had a voice to sing

Really perfect pitch and an ear accurate as a violin’s string


For our youthful years we sung in the choir

Refrains like the Jonah Man Jazz to our hearts desire

I remember chasing him on the pasture until I lost my wind

Every boy looking on couldn’t believe the stamina of one so thin

No one had any doubts at all he would achieve

Dreams he realized because he chose to believe


People were his commitment and politics his life

And Family First he started with his adoring wife

So many were blessed by my friend and I  especially so

Shared mutual respect and admiration and was glad to know

Each other, but I didn’t hear his call this morning or what he had to say

Didn’t know because I Was Asleep When My Dear Friend Passed away


A Sympathy Card





Alphonsus Celestine Edmund Cassell passed away this morning September 15, 2010 in Antigua. His death came as a surprise to many who never knew of his long battle with cancer. There is much solace in knowing that Christian hearts go on to a better place when they depart this life. We pray that during his illustrious life that he came to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and accepted Him in his life. 


Alphonsus Cassell – The Mighty Arrow


A Mighty Arrow shot through the air

Lit a passage everywhere

People far and wide all the same

Heard the splendor which from this Arrow came

Ole ole feeling Hot Hot Hot

Nations applauded the music and gave it an esteem spot

Selected as theme song for 1986 FIFA World Cup in Mexico

United those who heard it for years where ever you go

Soca music was given this icon who on Nov 16, 1954 was born


Christened Alphonsus Celestine Edmund and now we all mourn

Arrow thrilled many audiences with his infectious style

Soca mixed with Merengue and Rock to ingeniously compile

Something new that penetrated the world scene

Entertained the globe in ways previously unheard and unseen

Lyrical genius and rhythmic blaster

Lots of songs produced from this musical master


Take 1973:
“Dance with Me, Woman”

He did in
1981: “Soca Rumba” surely a unique calypsonian

may not know in 1983:”Rub Up” was done with “Hot Hot Hot”


remember 1984: “Long Time” few do not

In 1988:
“Groove Master” was done

Gave the
world in 1989: “O ‘La Soca” but most recently none

His music
has been played over and over repeatedly

identify with his mixes and dance uninhibitedly

You too
will recognize his music from the very first bar


music digs pleasurably into our persona and tattoos its scar

struck us all when we heard today

Icon for this great music had past away

Sympathies to the Family and friends of this musical great

We all pray
the Arrow has shot this time, through Heaven’s gate






September To Remember Music

Posted: September 15, 2010 in Radio Talk Shows, Tributes

The morning show was giving all the songs that brought cheerful sunlight and the rays of hope and then a low, the lost of the Arrow. This news was announced and immediately the host shifted to all about this great entertainer. I dance very often to his music, seldom refusing and that the bands played. The Mighty Arrow will be sadly missed but his existing music will live on.


September To Remember Music


Shush, they are playing music for us

Earlier they had Stevie but I heard from The Age of Aquarius

Proper song, one I could never sing

Then the host played Let The Sunshine In

Every song following had sunshine in their themes

More spreading of God’s rays of Golden beams

Bright sunlight to spotlight the things we see

Each of God’s creations and the starlight spangles through
the tree

Radio is great it cast memories through sound


The host spins the music and we conjure the rebound

Our imagination can take us where ever we need


Reaching our heart strings to with an emotional stampede

Emotions of memories when sunshine warmed your face

Memories too of sunshine which could displace

Every dark cloud that lurked to turn blue skies gray

Music spun of Sunshine on my Shoulders and then my day

Brightened like nothing can happen once I used my mind

Enjoy Seasons in the Sun, the beautiful sunshine

Regrets then played that the Arrow had fallen


Many were touched by his music and will be sadden

Unable to see the delight of sunshine, remorse only

Sadness complemented with tears from the clouds. lightly

It is hard when we receive the news but joy will come from

Celebrate this life lived, September we’ll Remember the music
of Arrow




The Arrow

Posted: September 15, 2010 in Radio Talk Shows, Tributes

The calls were made to the people who will miss the Arrow. I don’t expect to hear a call, I only knew The Mighty Arrow  through his music. His Soca music always brought movement to your waist and a smile on your face. I wish I can share my sentiments with the family and friends and therefore offer my condolences.


The Arrow


The news came in that the Arrow fell

Had a trajectory that cast an intoxicating spell

Everyone in its path was graced with song


Alphonsus gave soca a place to belong

Recording the international hit Hot Hot Hot

Reaching many countries and languages toughing the spot

Our Sympathies to his family, friends and to all who are sadden

We’ll miss this great Musician, the Arrow has fallen


My Peace I Leave With You

Posted: September 14, 2010 in In the News, Tributes

We can never understand the things the Lord does but what we can do is trust that what He does is for the better of mankind. God who is merciful and forgiving watched as we continue to disobey Him and still call on Him when we need help. Once we call earnestly God is there. At the last minute, what ever sins went before, God forgives and opens His arms to a welcoming embrace. Sometimes He allows tragedy so that many others can be saved.


My Peace I Leave With You


Mayhem abundant so how could a loving God be

Your beacon of hope and allow such cruelty


People are made to suffer at the hands of these

Evildoers that strike without hesitation and the greatest of ease

And how could a loving God hear their screams 

Could he have known their hopes and dreams

Even with His power could have known that when they arrived


It would have been their last night, they would never leave alive


Loving God who could easily had stopped the beast

Easily given the girls a way out at the very least

And yet nothing but death for the six

Villains stole neither what time nor money can fix

Every hope shattered, dream busted and what did God do


What can I look to Him for and say thank you

I fell to my knees and thanked God for His mercy

They died from smoke inhalation and not from the flames agony

He opened this country’s eyes to the many things that are wrong


Yesterday’s tragedy was hard but today we unite in prayer and song

Our Loving God lost six but has saved many

Undo your doubts and see the positive, our loving God does plenty





Not On My Front Page

Posted: September 14, 2010 in In the News, Tributes

I am still very troubled by the hideous act that snatched the lives of those six young ladies. I see their pictures in happier time. I hear the many gloating comments about their personalities. I haven’t heard anything yet about their service to the Lord and whether they souls had been saved. There are so many who wait, hoping to live out their youthful days and then later making a decision to be saved. Now this evil team is in the spot light and given a front page which does not even say that they are charged with murder. Charge with snuffing the lives and fates of these ladies who now,  no longer have the luxury of free choice.


Not On My Front Page


No! No!
Please no, no, don’t tell me

Our front
page besmeared with the doers of such iniquity

Their faces
should appear only where they belong


On the
crimes’ pages for doing such a hideous wrong

Nabbed by
the Strong Arm of the law, Dottin got his “boys!”


Make the
front page tell the story of the thing the
Nation enjoys

Yard fowls
behind the diabolical act to be charge’


Folk can
rest now the killers no longer at large

Ruffians snared
and will now face  

Our laws toughest
arms, police end their chase!

No! No!
Please no, no don’t give place of esteem

The front
page could do without the likes of this evil team


Put their
faces way back in the crimes’ page

And don’t
give any spotlight to this garbage

Give us the
prestige of a Nation getting rid of the no good

cooperation to frown on evils and show the Pride Of Nationhood  




Only God Can Turn

Posted: September 12, 2010 in Facebook, Tributes

Thanks again to a friend who shared this Facebook post. Every once in a while you see something that strikes you and stays with you, this is one of those thing that did. I was later moved to write this acrostic based on the post and hope that I have done it some justice.


Only God Can Turn


Only God
can turn a
MESS into a MESSage

mistakes I made but he showed me a new page

battled me yet each
TEST he turned into a TESTimony

paths are now example for everybody

God took a
TRIal and made it into a TRIumph one day

Only God
could turn blue skies from ugly gray

killings of the
VICtims but He made this a VICtory

changes on buildings and 3 minutes of silent prayers in unity

And so I
see the changes, the many ways

Notice His
awesome work and give Him the thanks and the praise

There was
much negativity in my life but He

Undid each
one and turn them into positivity

Rights He
turned from wrongs as only He could

Now I spread
His word because my
GOD is GoOD!




Where Were You When

Posted: September 11, 2010 in In the News, Tributes

I heard from a friend who was riding a bus at the allotted time for silence and she said the bus driver on hearing the siren, pulled over and switched off the vehicle and then indicated to all the passenger that they will be 3 minutes of silence to pay our respect to the six who were killed at Campus Trendz on Friday September 3, 2010. With all the new tripods and computerized camera settings, who would the media think it necessary that they move about to get footage of there 3 minutes?


Where Were You When


When the sirens blast and church bells rung

Had you the discretion to stop your tongue

Each car that stopped and hushed its horn

Radios airing sirens, did you know it was to warn

Every one in 20 seconds to stop and pray


With respect to the six ladies killed on Friday

Emergency services couldn’t stop like scheduled surgery

Raise a hand if those around you stopped in awesome unity

Engines to buses were switch off after they were pull aside


Your respect for 3 minutes then we’ll continue the ride

Organizers overlooked some things yesterday

Using midday for people to start to pray


Whistles still blow and clocks still chime 

Having photographers shooting during silence should be crime

Every one else stopped working so why didn’t these

Negotiate their shots during sirens and like us during the silence freeze