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I Was Up From Early Today

Posted: October 30, 2010 in Tenderly

I went to bed unusually early for this week and was up early, very early. The cold night was calling me and I turned and never got back to sleep. I just stayed there and observe as the emotions grew unbearable when I got up


I Was Up From Early Today


It was
getting long


and strong

All ready
to hit

energy to emit



Pushed and
pushed more




Once was
not enough

tossing, more rough


Eager to

And with a
force like

from a quake

Like winds
tornadoes make

You can not


The fury, the

Only in
awe that it could

During all
this feel so good

And he
came rested only to come again then moved away

You see I
experienced Tomas
, I Was
Up From Early Today





Blow Your Nose Love

Posted: October 22, 2010 in Tenderly

weather has been frightful and so unpredictable that you never know if you
should carry an umbrella. To play it safe I always travelled with a very small
pocket umbrella that when unfolded was the size of a gents umbrella. What is
also useful is having a pocket size rain coat that had a hood and covers below
the waist. Once you had these it didn’t matter what the weather decides, you
are ready.


Blow Your Nose Love


Because home
is where your heart resides

Let me say
at this time my home takes long train rides

Or can
take trips on the bus, too and fro

Where ever
she explores is where my home may go 


You will
notice that my heart shivers from the cold

Or you may
hear its beating, strumming brave and bold

these changes in conditions my home can be

in the day but by night cold and lonely


comfortable with the windows close at night

contented when she turns over to put out the light

home is gay with endless fun

Excited to
be spending lengthy hours in the sun


Lots of
times this month my home was washed away

splashed by an insensitive driver and another day

Very close
a driver came to knocking my residence down

Every day
I am very concern, when ever my home is in town





All My Earthly Things

Posted: October 19, 2010 in Tenderly

I think
sometimes I write so that people can ask themselves questions about the
soundness of what I had written and value their own opinions. I hear diverse
ideas and reasoning and although I am baffled that they are the emanations of
intellects, I recognize that everyone has a right to be heard and I listen. I
may be offended but I listen and ask for strength from the dear Lord to survive
the infusion of verbal pollution.    


All My Earthly Things


working hard each day

Long hours
to ensure things go my way

Living in
the moment and for the moment too


Making the
most of opportunities to accrue

Years of
fortune in my life time


pleasure to have, my life was prime

And now
death threatens to take it all

Ruin me
for my promiscuous downfall   

The things
I chose in life to amass

How dread
to think they now must pass

chance to take them all with me

Years ago
the Pharaohs tried unsuccessfully


The fear
of leaving them all behind

possessed my thoughts and crippled my mind

I shake
from pain but I fear the most

eternal damnation nor the Holy Ghost

Got no
belief in the afterlife and what lies ahead

So all I
fear are the things I leave behind when I am dead



These are the
senseless expressions of a nonbeliever who refused to accept the Word of God


The Guest

Posted: October 16, 2010 in Tenderly

I would
rather they never come by but we need to see them. They bring some stuff that
is necessary, I can’t say exactly what or why. You’ll just have to take my word
on this. But I will tell you this, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet
and bare their visit 



The Guest


Today was the same she was dressed in red

Her usual fanfare brought typical dread

Every time this guest arrives we buckle in pain


God please spare the agony when this guest comes again

Use special diets for the guest but it’s the same

Exercise for fitness but was demolished when my guest came

So bloated, so cramped, so wishing my guest away

This is the dread, the period, spots of dismay




The Guest Pt2

Posted: October 16, 2010 in Tenderly

Somethings in life are so hard to bear that we often wish they were gone. Somepeople can be so rambunctious we wish they never come again but when we hearthat they were killed or not so final, that they lost a leg. We still feel sopain. Be careful the things you wish would not happen, your wish might cometrue.


The Guest Pt2


They didn’t arrive yet, they were already five days late

Heard nothing, had no signs, didn’t know how long to wait

Every pain I had felt before I wished now I had


Got the worst feeling overcoming me, I knew I’d been bad

Unbearable thoughts of things I wished I had never done

Ecstasy for the moment but what if the change has begun

So hard, I’m not ready, I’d rather scream with cramps and pain

The agony, if only my guest will come. I’ll never fool around again.




The Untidy Bedroom

Posted: October 16, 2010 in Tenderly

When I
heard about the untidy bedroom I was shocked, they had always been so tidy, how
did the room get away from them. But this is easily understood when you think
of all the other things that people let get out of hand and sometimes so bad
that there is no tidying up.


The Untidy Bedroom


They share
a room, these two ladies I know

Had little
time for a broom always on the go

thing started to pile even on the floor


Unkempt clothes
for awhile and then much more

No where
to walk without stepping on clothes

Today she
stepped on a clock although careful on tippy toes

It was the
turning point, the time to clean

things had her out of joint, fallen from her routine

Yet it was
her mess, things she’d never thrown out


the evening dress, and other things laying about

mysteries to unlock and junk mail everywhere

hear the knock, but then a shout “Is anyone there”

Room was
embarrassingly untidy, they kept the lock on the door

Once they
heard somebody, they met them before

too wide, to let others see

Mess they
would rather hide from you and me





The Monster Within

Posted: October 13, 2010 in Tenderly

I once sawin television program an explanation that within all of us is good and evil, ina constant battle. The one we nourished the most becomes stronger andsuppresses the presence of the other. This means that at any time we can begood or bad depending on what we choose to let into our lives. This seemslogical. But what about if we feed neither, do we not run the risk of either escaping.


The Monster Within


There is a dark side of me I only just met

Horrible and unfeeling, my silent duet

Evil villains that lurked inside ready


Muted until I was weak and unsteady  

On that wretched night when it was quiet about

No more could I contain the monster and it got out

Screams followed its path behind a closed door

There was no lock so I opened it and the screams grew more

Evil arched with fangs and claws

Ravishing another just because

Weakened bodies are prey at night

In the dark where danger hides from the light

This evil I saw turned and faced me

Had a surprising likeness, it was my facsimile

I stumbled and gasped, turned quickly and fell

Never was I as afraid, the monster was me and like a being from Hell





Can Men Understand No

Posted: October 12, 2010 in Tenderly

I have
been exposed to the persistence of men and the deliberate deafness to the word
no. They pretend that they either don‘t hear the word or that they don’t
understand it. And they are so silly, what would stop us from giving then the
wrong number. I heard from an educated trainer at a defense class to never take
a number from them that they are handing to you. Never give them the
opportunity to grab your hand. The quickest way out of the problem can still
lead to new problems. Beware!


Can Men Understand No


the road I was let by, by a guy in a fancy silver car

And turned
to thank him with a smile but his daze was bizarre 

No, I
couldn’t believe it, up ahead was he


Making himself
obvious, just leaning on the car staring at me

though he was polite I had to leave

No was
clear but he followed and wouldn’t believe


Usually I
remember faces but for the three month I’ve been here

Never did
I see you in this town anywhere

matter, I was in a hurry but he just pursued me

Every step
I took he followed annoyingly

a few seconds of my time but I needed to run

this man about 30 was boyishly undone  

Then he
said he had to see me sometime again

A typical
man, sees a pretty stranger and wants her remain

knowing who she is, what she is or who waits for her

Don’t they
ever give up, can’t they take no for an answer


No! I
don’t want to talk. No! It doesn’t matter what you feel. No!

One day I
wish I could say no and these silly men will just go!




Great Samaritan

Posted: October 12, 2010 in Tenderly

I heard a
story of a modern day Samaritan and I wondered what I would have done. Too many
people would have driven off hoping that someone else would do the right thing.
But how long does someone in distress have to wait for their Samaritan to come


Great Samaritan


Got a big
loving and caring heart

Right from
moment she saw her, from the very start

personal crisis stood still and she was there

At her
side where the young was crying, no one else showed to care

The corner
was dangerous and the bike caught her eyes


She looked
from her car and saw a girl then  heard
her cries

All her
clothes were torn from where she fell

More shuck
up by the spill than hurt from what they could tell

And though
she was dirty in her face her heart seemed clean

everyone had passed her by, why are people so mean

It was
soon her parents came to answer her call

This was a
remorseful eye opening, this fall

And “What
is wrong with people” so many passed bye uncaringly

Now the
Samaritan’s words ring true “She could have been me”






He Ran The Traffic Light

Posted: October 12, 2010 in Tenderly

I wrote
before of the reason you hurry is the reason you shouldn’t. If you think about
it, when you are rushing in the car to that appointment, if you crash the
appointment may never see you. I am not expecting everyone to take their time;
I’m just hoping that we would all be a lpt direful when we hurry


He Ran The Traffic Light


brings waste, bad decisions, lost of life or pain

Every time
you chose to hurry think once again


Running a
traffic light can be the worse haste

And today
was this terrifying dragon she faced

between them but thin air


The brakes
squeaked their appeal and folk looked from everywhere

He was
driving his posh BMW and she saw in his eyes

of fear, terrified from the alarming surprise


That he
had stopped within inches of taking her life

Ran the
stop light and almost took this soon to be wife

And she
stared at him and grew angry

Fool, damn
fool, what if he had ran over me

Fury burst
through her veins, she wanted that he too feel

terrified and never repeat this ordeal

Crowds of
people on the sidewalk were sure they would see


snatched away from her, a great tragedy

If it had
happened, he would’ve been ok with a car dent

God knows what
we would’ve missed, the times we would’ve spent

His life
would have gone on and she would have been dead

she would not have been here beside me in my bed