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Say Mongooses Please

Posted: October 27, 2010 in Radio Talk Shows

The call in program had an unusual twist. It seems the professor that host the program read an email and scuffed the word “mongooses” determining it to be wrong. Today the hosts took him to task and some callers too. I earned from early school days that this was the correct plural for Mongoose.


Say Mongooses Please


was right the etymology

Assures us
it’s neither man nor goose in genecology

You can’t
conjugate like a comedienne


Mon in
mongoose can’t turn to men

One can
see the mongoose has no man

should twist this word for resonance plan

Goose may
turn the geese in birds that fly

One cannot
say mongeese and this is why

Our cat
like creature that scampers around

Spends all
it’s time firmly on the ground

though it zooms quickly and may

disappear like it had flown away


must stick to the correct conjugation

has it own accepted permutation

of plurality do exist  

And so
deer is deer and sheep, sheep we insist

Stetson was
right and Marshall, well, cuh dear!

Everyone who
listened yesterday found it hard to hear





Alphonsus Celestine Edmund Cassell passed away this morning September 15, 2010 in Antigua. His death came as a surprise to many who never knew of his long battle with cancer. There is much solace in knowing that Christian hearts go on to a better place when they depart this life. We pray that during his illustrious life that he came to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and accepted Him in his life. 


Alphonsus Cassell – The Mighty Arrow


A Mighty Arrow shot through the air

Lit a passage everywhere

People far and wide all the same

Heard the splendor which from this Arrow came

Ole ole feeling Hot Hot Hot

Nations applauded the music and gave it an esteem spot

Selected as theme song for 1986 FIFA World Cup in Mexico

United those who heard it for years where ever you go

Soca music was given this icon who on Nov 16, 1954 was born


Christened Alphonsus Celestine Edmund and now we all mourn

Arrow thrilled many audiences with his infectious style

Soca mixed with Merengue and Rock to ingeniously compile

Something new that penetrated the world scene

Entertained the globe in ways previously unheard and unseen

Lyrical genius and rhythmic blaster

Lots of songs produced from this musical master


Take 1973:
“Dance with Me, Woman”

He did in
1981: “Soca Rumba” surely a unique calypsonian

may not know in 1983:”Rub Up” was done with “Hot Hot Hot”


remember 1984: “Long Time” few do not

In 1988:
“Groove Master” was done

Gave the
world in 1989: “O ‘La Soca” but most recently none

His music
has been played over and over repeatedly

identify with his mixes and dance uninhibitedly

You too
will recognize his music from the very first bar


music digs pleasurably into our persona and tattoos its scar

struck us all when we heard today

Icon for this great music had past away

Sympathies to the Family and friends of this musical great

We all pray
the Arrow has shot this time, through Heaven’s gate






September To Remember Music

Posted: September 15, 2010 in Radio Talk Shows, Tributes

The morning show was giving all the songs that brought cheerful sunlight and the rays of hope and then a low, the lost of the Arrow. This news was announced and immediately the host shifted to all about this great entertainer. I dance very often to his music, seldom refusing and that the bands played. The Mighty Arrow will be sadly missed but his existing music will live on.


September To Remember Music


Shush, they are playing music for us

Earlier they had Stevie but I heard from The Age of Aquarius

Proper song, one I could never sing

Then the host played Let The Sunshine In

Every song following had sunshine in their themes

More spreading of God’s rays of Golden beams

Bright sunlight to spotlight the things we see

Each of God’s creations and the starlight spangles through
the tree

Radio is great it cast memories through sound


The host spins the music and we conjure the rebound

Our imagination can take us where ever we need


Reaching our heart strings to with an emotional stampede

Emotions of memories when sunshine warmed your face

Memories too of sunshine which could displace

Every dark cloud that lurked to turn blue skies gray

Music spun of Sunshine on my Shoulders and then my day

Brightened like nothing can happen once I used my mind

Enjoy Seasons in the Sun, the beautiful sunshine

Regrets then played that the Arrow had fallen


Many were touched by his music and will be sadden

Unable to see the delight of sunshine, remorse only

Sadness complemented with tears from the clouds. lightly

It is hard when we receive the news but joy will come from

Celebrate this life lived, September we’ll Remember the music
of Arrow




The Arrow

Posted: September 15, 2010 in Radio Talk Shows, Tributes

The calls were made to the people who will miss the Arrow. I don’t expect to hear a call, I only knew The Mighty Arrow  through his music. His Soca music always brought movement to your waist and a smile on your face. I wish I can share my sentiments with the family and friends and therefore offer my condolences.


The Arrow


The news came in that the Arrow fell

Had a trajectory that cast an intoxicating spell

Everyone in its path was graced with song


Alphonsus gave soca a place to belong

Recording the international hit Hot Hot Hot

Reaching many countries and languages toughing the spot

Our Sympathies to his family, friends and to all who are sadden

We’ll miss this great Musician, the Arrow has fallen


September A Time To Remember

Posted: September 8, 2010 in Radio Talk Shows

It’s been a while since I heard my early Morning Radio show but today I did. The music was all part of a feature from an old saying “September Remember” which I believe to be a throw off from the hurricane season. The songs were generally nostalgic and the thing I remembered while listening is that there is much to remember about September


September A Time To Remember


though there was rain

that hushed the crying

People who
constantly try

To do
their most though only getting by

Eyes that
focus on peoples best

away from things we protest

content with your plate

was never apart of your fate

thinking in spite of the wrong


building, always ready to be strong


There is
much to remember that is good

If you
would see the things I could

thoughts of the bad go away

Evil doers
that will snatch your day


Thieves who
kill pointlessly

Or those who
take your hard earned money


the good amidst the bad

Efforts by
all to improve shortcomings we had

responsible thinking as we ply our trades

action taken to deter more raids

September may have started bad but I see

and real possibility

came but I am resolved to recover

there’s lots of good in September



Mosquito One Mosquito Two pt. 2

Posted: September 3, 2010 in Radio Talk Shows

I tried but I can’t bring humor to the seriousness of the diseases spread by mosquitoes and the many people who die daily all over the world because we still haven’t controlled mosquitoes yet. On its own, a mosquito is harmless but once it is carrying a virus it can spread them rapidly making a mosquito bite considerable more deadly than the bite from bears and lion in terms of deaths caused


Mosquito One Mosquito Two pt. 2


Malaria, West Nile and Dengue too

Outbreaks still eluding us whatever we do

So many die yearly and what difference can we make

Quit giving them home and refuge to start an outbreak

Use repellents and keep stagnant water from collecting where you live

Inspect your environs regularly to ensure  you don’t give

These flying insects the slightest chance

Of infecting any and epidemics enhance


Once upon a time we played a jump rope game

Now I beg you not to frivolously give the mosquitoes fame

Epidemiologists have worked hard to isolate each disease


Mosquitoes can cause so lets play our part please

One person said that when you spot a mosquito

Spend time looking home because that’s where their eggs grow

Quell your fears that they are coming from elsewhere

Under old containers, flower pots even stopper they’re there

If we all play our part we might fine

The threats of mosquitoes will seriously decline

Obliterated even, with a united front


The Government will still continue fogging to do the brunt

We together can stop the Aedes aegypti from doing its do

Once we work seriously at destroying them, Mosquito One Mosquito Two




My River Water

Posted: September 1, 2010 in Radio Talk Shows
Help me friend, I have lost touch with my geography.  The radio host liken something to the youthfulness to a river where the strength is in the early stages but after a while it dies down. In fact he said that at the source the river is strongest. I seem to have confusion here since I recall that the river may be comparative calm the closer to the source. 

My River Water


My source
is a powerful waterfall

a mere drip but today not at all


waters beat and dug deep into my bed

I find
children play in my calm pool like shed

Very lower
down miles away

Every rock
or obstruction meet grave dismay

Removed by
the strength I built up on my way down


Water so
rapid no bathers will be found

And so please
don’t be fooled by my lengthy course

The stronger
I can get the farther from my source

Everyone soon
learns from a visit my friend

waters can get very rapid when nearing the end





Posted: June 10, 2010 in Radio Talk Shows

Today one of the older more established Calypsonian was featured on Fireworks and he reminded us that he was celebrating a birthday today. I have told you before that I enjoy this show and I think I told you why but just incase you are hearing it for the first this show is well hosted by Dennis and he manages to have some very great interviews with Entertainers or people in the entertaining world, which always reveal things about then that we would never had known.


A pity they don’t realize

Dance music needs story telling, so I advise

Our young calypsonians to learn to perfect

Not just the “blood sport” but I suspect

It’s critical to get back to the heart

Jamming destroys the social commentary of the Art

A pity, yes a pity we hold so dear to imported music

Having such anthems here like Adonijah’s “Woman” defying any critic

The Radio Program Firework started and many of the callers seem to have one general thing on their mind, they were concern about the name of Crop Over being changed. We are gradually eating away at things that are our culture and now I think because we have managed to eat so much from the original festival we are now looking for a new name to call this new animal.

Talk More Talk and Ole Talk

The Troubadors International and some old calypsonians too

Are responsible for making our music true

Lyrical geniuses with a great sense of rhythm

Kept people dancing and singing just craving for some

Music draws us in and develops its own personalities

Our Crop Over festival is one of many of these 

Right around the Caribbean carnivals come alive

Entertainers like singers and dancers at this time thrive

They look forward to costumes worn by their loyal revelers

A skimpy piece of decorative clothing which covers

Little or nothing made to bring a larger crowd

Kaiso is evolving to glitz, brass and drums out loud

And we gradually sell our art form bit by bit

Now debating on changing the name so it might better fit

Desires of few at the expense of many

Our Crop Over is dwindling to a festival of nudity

Lewd behavior replacing festival traditions

Every song offers jump, wave, “juck” and other invitations

The crafty mix of double entendre with social commentaries

Are lost to the young and uprising celebrities

Lost musicality, lyrical mastery and soon our name too

Kaiso we thing, Crop Over more than a carnival, Bajans wah we gine do?

Director – who was famous for Sousy recently penned and recorded two songs. Director visited the studio at Fireworks and had an interesting interview about his music and performed the two songs. I have used the titles here to craft this Acrostic Poem

Crowknee Says It’s Freedom

Communities all got one

Risk leaving your stuff and it will soon be gone

On a cold dark night when all was at sleep

With a crocus bag and a busted old jeep

Knife to unhinge his neighbor’s gate

None escaped unless they were up late

Escaped being robbed of their hard earned stuff

Every item was targeted he never had enough

Sergeant Cummings of the local constabulary  

Arrived in the neighborhood just after 3

You know this man, he asked and I took a look

Seen him recently, he asked, you know he’s a crook

I was confused and didn’t know what to do

That he knew his modus operandi means they have more than a clue

So how come they didn’t go straight by his house

For what reason were they playing this cat and mouse

Right next door to Crowknee was an old lady

Everything he did she was sure to see

Even when he moved so late at night

De old lady knew when he got back from her porch light

On questioning the old lady supporting Crowknee wouldn’t succumb  

Me I don’t know, everything he got Mr. Crowknee Says It’s Freedom