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Infertile Soil Bore Fruit

Posted: September 23, 2010 in Religious

The Lord promises and sometimes these promises seem so long we start to doubt that they will ever be fulfilled. But exactly when do we give up waiting. We never do. He keeps His every promise and although you may become impatient do not lose your faith. It is faith in the Lord that will keep you through your darkest hour.


Infertile Soil Bore Fruit


It was about
25 years that I had work for them

No fruit of
their labor, not a sprout nor stem

For these
years my masters tried but were now very old

by God’s promise, they ploughed to their goal

Ready for
her start since long ago

The lady
gave up at 90 and asked that I’d bestow

Infant boy
on the master that he might get an heir

Lady was
always kind to me and the prospect was debonair

I would become like the lady of the house   


this child for her would mean bedding her spouse

Once I
became pregnant there was much unrest

disrespected the lady and she and her husband were distressed

Living there
seemed unbearable and like my name “Hagar” I took flight


By the time
they would have noticed it would have been night

Out in the
desert alone and tired I heard my name

Return to
your master’s and the boy was to be called Ishmael when he came

Even though
there was still some stress I was more resolved


For me God
cared and all my concerns were solved

Rudeness no
more and then to everyone’s surprise

centenarian bore a son, Sarah and Abraham glowed in their eyes

Isaac he was
called and God’s promise was fulfilled

They had
their heir, born of them and their paternity thrilled





What an experience, the disgust. He came into the store in his palatable façade in the company of a young lady who was obviously a play mate. As they walked around the shop entertaining each other with lustful petting, he found the time to secretly flirt with one of the girls behind the counter. In fact, as he embraced his play mate, he looked over her shoulder and scour the attendant from head to toes with hopes of having her return some attention. It was his intention to find an attendant who showed interest today and subsequently return to her when he is alone. And one day his bait will catch. My friend examine Psalm 101

Psalms One Hundred and One

Praise will I sing of your judgment and mercy

Sing to you Lord and behave perfectly and wisely

And when will thou Lord be here

Lord I’ll walk in my perfect house until you draw near

Mine eyes shall stray from all wickedness

Shall not cleave to the men I hate, the faithless

Obstinate hearts shall from me depart

No wicked person or evils with me can start

Everyone that slanders their neighbor privately

Him will I cut off from me

Uncouth people with proud hearts and haughty eyes

Never should I endure their devious guise

Dwelling with me shall be the faithful of the land

Righteous men shall my way command

Evil doers and those who practice deceit

Dwell not in my house or in my house meet

And he that telleth lies

Neither shall he tarry in my eyes

Destroying early in the morning, shall I the wicked of the land

Obliterate all evildoers by the might of His hand

No more shall they walk with devious accord

Evildoers shall I cut off from the city of the Lord

Psalms 101


Posted: August 9, 2010 in Religious

My song is brief and I will sing it as a lullaby. When baby has trouble sleeping I usually like to sing something different every night that I keep feeding the curiosity.

These young minds will wonder far away and seemingly, get lost into the words of the song


Shush little baby don’t you cry

Oh hear me sing you this lullaby

No harps or violins, no pianos just me and you

Got no need for background music or special hue


Posted: August 9, 2010 in Religious

I hope I never have to deal with man’s evil ways again. The quickest way for me to discern truth and evil is to ask the question, how willing would the person be to be to do the same in mixed company? Will this person be willing to say to theirs what they did.


Save us Dear Lord from the evils of men

Help us to know who be foe or friend

Very thin are the lines that celebrate many

It’s hard to discern good and truth in any

Oh Lord I know there is good out there

Rare to find them so from all I’ll beware


Posted: August 9, 2010 in Religious

Don’t anticipate or over estimate a person’s strength. I have seen grown people who help a permanent position in a supervisory role for years crumble when being outwitted by some one much their junior. I think we are too easily misled to believe that frail in body is weakness too


She is stronger than she knows

Though she questions herself and hates her toes

Right whenever she stops to think

Every decision she can make in an eye’s blink

Nothing seems beyond her iron will

Got a smile warmer than the sun yet still

Trusts that other hearts will be as pure

Her faith in others is flawed and in me unsure


Posted: August 9, 2010 in Religious

Let me say no more, the word of the Lord says it all

Isaiah 14:3
 And it shall come to pass in the day that the LORD shall give thee rest from thy sorrow, and from thy fear, and from the hard bondage wherein thou wast made to serve,


Rest my friend from your sorrow

Enjoy the night and in the morrow

Let your worries fade away

In the light of the sun by break of day

God promised you in Isaiah 14:3

In trouble times you may rest comfortably

On Him you may trust so sleep well my friend

No sorrow tomorrow, your troubles will end


Posted: August 9, 2010 in Religious

How can you rest or relax when the most stressful time in your life is affront. I hear people say relax but can they know how difficult it is to relax at this time when you most toss and turn in bed. And how exactly do you relax when every time you close your eyes the blaring through startles them open


Rain was falling all the day

Evening came and I never saw the Sun’s ray

Lots of things there might have been to do

And yet my mind seemed only focused on you

Xcuse my forwardness but did you think of me

Away all that time, did you feel lonely

This longing for you tears me apart

It paralyses my thoughts and tugs at my heart

One day of this was more than I could bear

Now you might be gone two weeks, a month or even a year


Posted: August 9, 2010 in Religious

I watch as I often do from at home the Kadooment parade of bands and unfortunately, I share the view of a minority of folk who believe we are taking it too far. The lewd conduct that has now become associated with this festival now has people shameless of their bodies. I now see skimpier costumes trying to be fitted on unfit bodies.


Revelers danced in the streets

Euphoria of scanty costumes and suggestive beats

Folk have made the parading acceptable

Lewd behavior now made comfortable

Even the modest yearlong folk from the workplaces

Crop Over time show crude, violent faces

Their inhibitions are down and resistance weak

In these festival days the evils will peak

Once they were given the following day to unwind

Now greater is the revelry, a poison to mankind

Where Is The Light Today

Posted: August 7, 2010 in Religious

How many people think that it is okay to do a deed and once they are not discovered to feel like they somehow succeeded? There is one to answer to that sees all and hears all. It is He that you must first seek forgiveness when you have done a wrong; you think all is well but it is not. If you feel tormented today it may be that you never received forgiveness for yesterday. Guess what, our Lord is a very forgiving God and will embrace you in His arms and forgive even your worse deed.

Where Is The Light Today

When evil deeds Man doth do

He hideth in the dark until he is through

Evil doers cometh not into the light

Rigid with fear that God might

Exert His power and smite them down

It’s stupid but there’re evil doers around

Stupid to think that behind their doors

The Lords is shut out from the evils He abhors

Hide in deserted corners or lonely places

Evil doers lasciviously pleasure themselves hoping to hide faces

Lurk behind walls to grab passers by

In hopes to hide from view of God’s eye

God sees every deed before you

He knows what’s in your thoughts before you do

Temptation stirs you and takes control

Talk to the Lord to save your soul

Only when you do will you know that He

Doesn’t close his eyes from you and all things will see

And if you allow Him in to show His might

You’ll do the truth and come into the light

The Lord’s Prayer

Posted: June 7, 2010 in Religious

For years only two singers made The Lord’s Prayer sound as pure for me, Thanks to the online video I can still get to hear my favorites although I’m not sure that they are like the vinyl tracks I once owned. Regardless Mario Lanza always sounds great.

The Lord’s Prayer

Thank you Dear Father abiding above

Heaven you promised will be with love

Eternal rest to those who obediently endure

Life as we know now will be no more

Our souls nourished with your daily bread

Reprove all evil so the truths are well fed

Dear Lord teach us how we can forgive

Show us through your mercy that we can live

Peaceably with each other and in your way

Run to the light and from the darkness stray

And learn Father with integrity

Your Kingdom shall be for Eternity

Evil has no dominion, yours is the power and the glory so then

Reign Dear Lord as our Savior and guide, Amen